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Friday, August 17, 2012

Meet the characters of Breaking the Nexus!!

Happy Friday everyone! I have a few people I'd like you to meet. These are four of the main characters from Breaking the Nexus! Well the men and women who inspired them at least. Special thanks to the people who helped me find the perfect pictures as well as Miranda Stork for tweaking two of them to give me exactly the look I wanted :)

This weekend I'm going to try very hard to put up either more bios on these characters or a character interview or two. So without further ado, let's meet some new people!

Sha Phoenix

The heroine of Breaking the Nexus
Sha is a Sorceri from Mythria and member of the elite Sentinels
who are entrusted with monitoring the Nexus separating the realms.
On a routine patrol with her partner Luca, 
she finds herself thrown without warning into the Human Realm,
directly into the middle of a gruesome crime scene.

Connor Flynn

The hero of Breaking the Nexus
Connor is a detective on the Denver, CO police force.
When he responds to an unusual murder scene, he has no idea
that everything he knows about the world is about to be turned on its head!

Ian Kendrick

Ian is Connor's longtime partner and friend on the force.
He comes from a large family with Irish roots
and has always believed in things like fairies, magic, and the unexplained.
Even so, nothing can prepare him for what happens next!


Luca is Sha's partner in the Sentinels and is a Southern Elf.
He and Sha may bicker like siblings,
but nobody is more loyal to those he considers his friends.
After Sha vanishes during their patrol, Luca and the rest of the Sentinels
must battle to keep the Nexus from falling.

I hope you enjoy this brief introduction to the characters of my upcoming paranormal romance! To celebrate the fact that it is Friday, here are 2 more snippets from the book :) Enjoy!! More details and snippets to come soon!

Snippet 1 (Sha and Luca):

Fire leapt towards the sky as a massive explosion rocked the earth. For a few minutes chaos reigned while animals raced from the blast zone and the night air was filled with a cacophony of panicked cries.
“What the hell was that?” breathed Luca, looking more than a little shaken as he picked himself up off the ground. 
“If I had to guess, I’d say something went ‘BOOM!’” Sha replied drily, not even trying to hide her smirk. “What’s the matter, Luca? You’re looking a pretty pale there, which isn’t the best look for someone who’s supposed to be a fearless bad ass.” Truthfully since Luca was Elven and from the southern regions, his olive complexion showed only the barest hint of a pallor. But he did not need to know that, she mused. Although his moss green eyes still looked a bit wild with shock, Sha decided not to rib him too much about it. He could give back just as much as he received when he wanted.
“Very funny, Sha. I saw you dive for cover just like me. Don’t you even try to deny that was a prayer for forgiveness you were just muttering to the Seven Founders,” Luca snapped, impatiently. Normally he had no problem with his partner’s sarcasm, but right now he had more important things to worry about. Like where the explosion had originated. And figuring out whether he needed a change of clothes. “You do realize that you have leaves stuck in your hair right?” 
“Crap, seriously?” Sha muttered to herself as she struggled to untangle the leaves from her thick, golden blonde hair. It was shot through with random streaks of blue and fell a little below her shoulder. Unfortunately, it had just enough curl to have her cursing at the snags. So much for keeping the intricate braid she had spent time working on this morning. With a sigh, she gave up trying to keep her hair tucked into the braid and focused on extricating the foliage. She just hoped she did not have any creepy crawlies hiding in the thick mass of hair. A slight shudder rippled through her frame despite her best efforts to contain it and her deep blue eyes glared daggers at Luca’s barely suppressed chuckle. “Shut up, Luca. I don’t see you relishing the thought of having bugs running through those pretty brown tresses of yours.” She grinned when he reflexively lifted his hand up to pat at his closely cut hair.

Snippet 2 (Connor and Ian):

“Well Connor, twelve minutes…I’m not sure if I should be impressed or worried about your lack of stamina,” Ian crowed with laughter as Connor grabbed a cushion from his couch and lobbed it at Ian’s head. “Hey man, it’s ok. I mean we all have our issues sometimes. Maybe you need a little blue pill?” he continued unabashedly, blocking the mock punch Connor threw at him. 
“Oh shut the hell up Irish. You know twelve minutes would be a record for you for all time longest,” Connor returned good-naturedly.
Sobering a little, Ian sized up his friend. “Seriously though, I hope you at least kissed her? I know it’s completely against policy but she seems good for you.”
“You could say that,” Connor said vaguely. “Can we please get back to work now?”
“Anxious to get back to her, huh? I suppose I could accommodate you so you can return to more pleasurable activities,” Ian said graciously before giving his partner a lascivious wink.
“Yeah, yeah,” he replied with a long suffering sigh, glad that Ian had given his approval. Truth be told, Ian was probably Connor’s best friend and it would have complicated matters if he were against their burgeoning relationship, to say the least.

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. This makes me happy. Like you would not believe.

    1. Hahaha yay! Now is it the sexy men or the snippets? ;)

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