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Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog tour stop for Caroline Levy!!

Lovelies, my dear friend Caroline just released her very first novel, Welcome to the Family!! Please join me in congratulating her!!! She crashed my blog today for a guest post so read on to find out more about her!

Hi Lindsay, firstly many thanks for having me on your blog. *waves* hello to all your lovely followers.
This is an exciting time for me. The release of Welcome to the Family is quite a big deal. It’s my first book to be published to its all extra shiny and exciting. Although to be honest I think I will be getting excited with every book I publish J
I have been pondering on what to do this blog post about as you have been kind enough to leave it as a guest post, so I have free reign to run amuck all over your blog lol... I jest
I have decided to make this post about one of the characters from the book as, I don’t know about you but I often wonder about the little things that you don’t always get to know via the book. Like does Megan actually eat junk food & does she really follow the no fraternising with your protector rule?
All about....
Mina Azariel Aka: Megan Ardent

Age well you never ask a Vampire their age especially a female one. *whispers* ‘about 150 years old’
Megan was born in a time when women didn’t run the show, well not officially anyway. She comes from one of the main five vampire family’s. The family crest is of two lions fighting.
Megan is the main receptionist on Topline Towers, to the outside world that is. In the Vampire world she is the top negotiator for Topline. There are many factions and family’s that do not get along and Megan has a gift for  getting two parties to agree terms on usually business deals.
Megan also has a passion for fashion, she owns her own boutiques in all the major cities of the world.  Mina’s is very high end, only the elite get in.
Fredo is her protector, she never goes anywhere without him. ‘I can honestly see why’

Frederic Henry Aka Fredo

Fredo is a Were-Panther, sexy as hell and he knows it. Quite the ladies man, but totally devoted to Megan. He hates that Megan pines after Jack, as he knows it will never happen.
Megan has had a crush on Jack for over fifty years but Jack won’t even entertain another Vampire. He sticks to wooing the human ladies.
Her favourite colour is, yes you guessed it red J
Megan has told me she does eat junk food, her favourite, is dark chocolate. Melted onto a man’s body is a bonus.
Megan loves to read, one of the books she is reading at the moment is Frost burned.
Megan’s favourite flower is a red rose & she loves to tango.
The one thing Megan is sure of is that she is going to be really good friends with Angel. So watch this space as she will be showing up in Protecting the family J

Many thanks for letting me share a little more about the lovely Megan.

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