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Taking the Realm which is book 3 of Sha and Connor's trilogy (previously titled Shaking the Balance)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

8 Sentence Sunday - 10/13!

Hello lovelies! Be sure to check out the other excerpts of Weekend Writing Warriors!!

This excerpt is from the same scene I posted last week from my novel, Breaking the Nexus. Enjoy!!

Another crash shook the ground beneath Connor’s feet and he watched as the woman, her golden hair streaked with blue, turned to shout at the man in a strange language. Panic coated her voice, her vivid blue eyes wild with terror. And determination, Connor realized. His body inexplicable strained toward her, every fiber of his being wanting to offer aid to them but he was held in place by invisible bonds.

Before him, the air seemed to part, flashing symbols glowing faintly. The woman was oblivious to the new danger behind her and he opened his mouth to shout a warning.

The words died on his tongue as once more the earth heaved beneath him, tossing him to the ground as little more than a rag doll. Pain exploded as his head struck something sharp and his vision dimmed.


  1. Very intriguing excerpt and wow, so action packed! I definitely want to know MORE about all kinds of things involved here. Really a terrific snippet.

  2. I like the different point of view you are using, it makes the action very vivid.