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Due to changes in how my publisher assigns dates, I won't have release dates until I finish the book. I'm currently working on:

Taking the Realm which is book 3 of Sha and Connor's trilogy (previously titled Shaking the Balance)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finding Redemption Release Blitz

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It was 3028.

1,016 years after the world ended in 2012. By fire. By ice. By unworldly, and destructive natural disasters that only He himself could have known was coming. Barely any survived, but the ones who did rebuilt society from the bottom up. Drones were stronger, dependent on not what He believed but on what was believed as whole together. In freedom. In justice. In peace. It was said that the New World was unbreakable, tolerate against the greatest evils edged into the blackness. But the New World didn’t know about me.

Lennox Daryl
Drone I.D. Number 101-8

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