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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Unedited Excerpt from Breaking the Nexus!

This morning I got tagged on Facebook to give a little snippet of my story containing the word "look". Well I decided that the little snippet I put up there wasn't enough so here's an expanded look at the scene where Sha and Connor first meet. Enjoy!!

“Lady, are you alright? What happened?” a male voice asked with concern. Sha glanced up at confusion then her mouth dropped open in astonishment. She was not in the forest any longer. If she was not mistaken she was sitting in a crowded alley in the Human Realm. 
“How the hell did I get here?” she mumbled to herself softly, earning her strange looks from a couple of people nearby who had overheard her. “Wonderful I bet they think I’m insane sitting her talking to myself.” Suddenly a woman standing a few feet away let out a shrill scream that sent a fresh lance of pain shooting through Sha’s head.
“Oh my God there’s a body over here!! Oh my God someone call the cops!!”
At that moment Sha realized something wet and sticky coated her hands, pants, and boots. A sick, sinking feeling settling into her stomach, Sha glanced down and could not control the wince. Wonderful, she was sitting in blood. A lot of blood, presumably not hers since as far as she could tell she had not lost any important limbs and she was also fairly certain she had not acquired any new holes. That could only mean it was someone else’s blood, which was generally a bad sign. She silently started counting the seconds and had only made it to five before the woman screamed again. “Oh my God she’s covered in his blood! She must have done it! Grab her!” Rough hands grabbed her, wrestling her down to the ground.
“Listen people I’m not exactly resisting here. Can you lighten up? I can explain—“ her breath whooshed out of her lungs as a knee dug into her back. She was not sure how it had happened, but apparently the Scray demon had shoved her through the open Gateway straight into the Human Realm. Inconveniently, straight into an apparent crime scene. Could this night get any better? Someone grabbed her arms and twisted them back. “Ouch! Ok I’m not resisting you people. Cut me some slack ok?” She rolled her eyes at whoever had decided he was the tough guy who was going to have a great story to tell all of his buddies later. Not that restraining her was particularly difficult considering she was all of five feet tall. 
Sirens and lights filled the pre-dawn sky, distracting her from her depressing train of thought. Sha rolled her eyes as the oh so helpful good samaritan she had affectionately dubbed Little Miss Squealer ran up to the man stepping out of the unmarked police car. Maybe this would not be so bad after all she thought to herself. If that was the investigating cop at least he was easy on the eyes. He was tall, perhaps around six feet tall, with his dark hair buzzed short and a lean, muscular body that spoke volumes about his strength. Even in the dim light, she could make out definite stubble that gave him a very appealing rugged appearance. Sha was horrible at gauging ages, but if she had to guess she would put him somewhere in his late twenties. Perfect for her, she thought wryly. His steel gray eyes narrowed in annoyance as Little Miss Squealer babbled inanely, winning him a few extra points in Sha’s favor. Nope, this would not be so bad at all as long as this guy was the one to question her.

(Copyright 2012)

Now if you notice, Sha is short because let's face it, some of us are significantly vertically challenged but we can still kick ass! ;)

Hopefully my next post will be all about how I'm kicking butt with Camp NaNo!


  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I enjoyed the excerpt. Sha sounds like a fun character to write and will be fun to read more of her. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering MaryLynn Bast giveaway.

    1. Thanks Susan!! She really has been so much fun to write!

  2. Love it! Sha definitely sounds like a character to be reckoned with :D I can't wait to read more, and you know I want to get a signed copy, don't you!?

    1. Of course you can have a signed copy...just as soon as you help me with kindle graphs haha! Glad you like Sha!