Official Upcoming Release Schedule!

Due to changes in how my publisher assigns dates, I won't have release dates until I finish the book. I'm currently working on:

Taking the Realm which is book 3 of Sha and Connor's trilogy (previously titled Shaking the Balance)

Interview/Review Requests

Due to some personal issues, I am taking a break from scheduling new interviews and reviews. Please feel free to submit your request and I will contact you when scheduling resumes!

Guest posts and spotlights can be scheduled at any time, my schedule permitting.

Click to request a spot on my Blog!

All books given to me for review will be used solely by me. I will never give away any review books, digital or print, without the express written consent of the author.

Interview Process

I email you 15-20 questions based on the book you'd like featured. Some will be general that I ask to everyone and some will be more customized (See examples of past interviews). Once you have finished filling out the questions, you'll email them back along with buy links, cover art, author bio, author pic, etc (instructions will accompany the interview questions detailing what I need from you).

On the day of your interview, I will post the interview and will modify my questions slightly to have a conversational feel. Please see my blog for an example. I will announce your interview in an ongoing Facebook event I have that details all events going on with my blog right now. I will also try to contact you with the URL to your interview so that you can share and promote it


I love to read but please keep in mind that I work full time, have a family, and am writing my own books so please be patient. I typically read the following genres:
  • most romance (except sweet) especially paranormal and romantic suspense 
  • erotica/BDSM although please no rape
  • science fiction/fantasy
  • some young adult
  • some mystery
  • some horror
I will let you know my decision to review within a few weeks if possible.

If I have agreed to review your book, I accept review copies in: PDF, MOBI (Kindle), or Print copies.

I reserve the right to refuse to review any book for any reason.

NOTE: If you write in a genre not listed but you are a first time author, please contact me anyway. I know what it's like to be starting out since I'm right there with you. I will be happy to look into making an exception :)

Any book I have won in a contest, I will do my best to get a review up on here to thank you for your generosity. 

Finally, keep in mind that I will try to give an honest review, however if I truly do not like your book or cannot finish for whatever reason, I will contact you prior to posting a horrible review. Such words cannot be easily taken back once out there in the public eye.

Due to the emphasis Amazon places on reviews, if you do not want your review posted to Amazon for whatever reason I will honor this request. However, I will still post your review on my blog and on Goodreads.

Guest Post

Have an idea for a guest post? Want to be featured on my blog? I love helping others promote their books so this is a great way to do it!

Please include everything you want posted when you send your guest post (buy links, cover art, author bio, author pic, etc).

If you are doing a giveaway, Blogger allows Rafflecopter widgets so please be sure to send me the widget code.

Blog Tours

I would be happy to host an author for a blog tour if I have time and space. Please contact me with the details and whether I would need to do anything personally or if you will supply all material.


Please see the Contact Me tab!

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