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Monday, May 6, 2013

Interview with Charlie Daye!!

Hello lovelies! Who's ready for another exciting author interview? Today, the fantabulous Charlie Daye joins The Lindsay Show!! Everyone grab your coffee or tea and please help me welcome Charlie.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Charlie! When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I actually started writing when I was 13 and it just kind of took off from there. 

Oh that's awesome to start at that age. When I was 13, I was still swearing I hated to write lol. If only I could go back in time and tell teenage me that I'd be an author 14 years later ;) What has been the most difficult part about being a writer?

Writers block... it's a pesky thing that seems to coincide with the disappearance of my muse Simone. She can be temperamental, that one. 

Ugh, I hate writers block. Luckily I've got a fantastic muse and some wonderful betas to help me with that :) Do you use a pen name? If so, how did you come up with your pen name?

Yes, Charlie Daye is a pen name. It's a combination of my real name and a family name. 

Very clever! Who are your favorite authors?

I Love Dean Koontz. I have read almost everything he has ever written. Other honorable mentions would be Kim Harrison, Lisa Jackson and Laurell K. Hamilton. 

Those are wonderful authors. I've never read much Dean Koontz, but what I've read is phenomenal. What type of books do you like to read?

I am a total fiction girl. I love paranormals, heart pounding suspense, thrillers, romance - although I do tend to steer clear of contemporary romance novels. 

I am very much the same way! What do you like to do in your free time?

Read, my TBR pile is way to long. I also love a really great action movie.

I'm pretty sure all of us could be crushed by the size of our TBR piles lol. Where is your favorite place to vacation?


*Gasp* A fellow Disney lover!!! Sorry, I always get excited to meet a fellow Disney lover :) If you were stuck on a desert island and could have only three things, what would they be?

My Kindle, my Ipod and Dominic Purcell! ha ha. 

LOL!! I love your priorities :) Who needs food or water when you've got those things? ;) Are you a plotter or a pantser with your writing?

I would like to say I'm a plotter but if truth be told I really do write by the seat of my pants. I may start out wanting to go in one direction but once I start writing my books have been known to take on a life of their own. Most of the time I have to look back at what I wrote and ask myself, "What the heck just happened here?" because it's not what I had planned. 

Absolutely nothing wrong with being a pantser. Fighting your story is a sure way to get yourself in trouble. Why did you choose to write a paranormal romance?

I'm a sucker for a good romance especially when it has a happy ending. I also have an obsession for the supernatural. So, it just made sense to put the two together. 

That is eerily similar to my logic behind writing paranormal romance :D What has been the most fun about working on your books?

Ooh.... that' an excellent question. It's a mixture of a few things. I love working on the covers. I also love the rush I get when my readers post on my author page asking me when the next book in a particular series will be released. It gives me such a rush!!

I couldn't agree more! That has to be one of the best feelings ever. What has been the hardest scene for you to write? 

In the Reservation (book 3 in my Curse Breaker's Trilogy) there was a gang rape scene. It's only like 5 pages long but it took me almost 2 weeks to write those 5 pages and there wasn't that much detail in them either. 

Oh wow, I can certainly understand how that would take you a long time to write. That must've been so difficult! Do you have any favorite characters? If so, why?

Markus, from Gypsy's Dance. He's the oldest of the Raydon Brothers and for some reason he seems to be the epitome of sexiness. I've found that he also seems to be a favorite among some of my female readers. Those some will admit that they'd be more than happy to take any of the Raydon boys home. 

Ooo, I'm intrigued now. Any time someone is described as "the epitome of sexiness," I must read more lol. How did you come up with the premise for Breeders?

The idea for Breeders came to me after talking to my BFF and a crazy thing that happened to her during a weekend trip to Vegas. I couldn't help but put her story to paper. Now granted, she was REALLY pissed off at me when she found out but once we got to talking about the story line she couldn't wait to read it. 

Ok, anything that happens in Vegas has GOT to be great inspiration! Tell us about the world/setting in Breeders. How did you come up with it and is any of it based on personal experiences?

The book itself takes place in several locations. It starts in Vegas, then moves to Huntington Beach, CA before winding up in The Colony - which is a fictional California location. Is it based on personal experience? Absolutely. Just not mine. 

That's awesome, I can't wait to dive into it! Tell us more about your main characters please.

My heroine's name is Sicily Chase. She's a 27 year old, plus size,  kindergarten teacher with an amazing personality and slight flare for the dramatic.

My hero's name is Auzi Reed. He's a Breeder who could sway you to his desires with a simple touch of his hand. He's more about protecting rather than manipulating and his father is head of their colony. 

My not so nice guy is Ripon Breed. He's also a Breeder whose special gifts fall under the sexual touch catagory. He's arrogant, self centered  and just an all around ass.

Can I just say I love your characters' names and they sound so interesting! Is there anything else you’d like to mention about Breeders?

You will meet a slew of interesting characters in this book. Some you'll love, some you'll hate. At times you'll find yourself really upset, perhaps a little turned on and by the end of the book you'll be cheering for the good guys. Breeders is a romance from start to finish. It's about instant connections and life long friends.

That sounds like the mark of a truly great book <3 Is this part of a series? If so, what can we expect with the other books?

I haven't decided if it's going to be part of a series yet or not. If you really love the book this could be really disappointing, I know. There are so many wonderful characters who deserve their own stories. The problem is I just haven't had any ideas come to mind yet - you just never know. 

Well, I know how it is to be at the mercy of your muse. Hopefully the ideas start flowing! What's next for you? 

I am currently in the process of writing a series of books about warrior women whose sole purpose is to hunt down the men that break women's hearts. We'll call them love's avenging angels. The stories are a little darker than what I normally write and I'm not sure how much romance if any will actually be involved but so far the initial reviews are very good. 

I'm loving that premise and cannot wait to hear more!! Anything else you want your readers to know?

I'm currently running a contest on my FB page for my readers. I'm looking for interesting stories to use as inspiration for an upcoming novel based on my readers' life experiences. If there is story is chosen it will be featured as the premise for an upcoming book and the winner will receive a signed copy of said book as a thank you! So, if anyone has a story to share they should stop by my author page and share it with me!

Lovelies, definitely check out that contest! Charlie, thank you so much for stopping by! It has been a pleasure getting to know you better :)

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My name is Sicily Chase. All I wanted was one last, fun filled girls's weekend in Vegas before summer break was over. I wanted to hang out by the pool, do some shopping, hit the clubs, meet a hot guy - you know let loose. Well, I did all that and then some but little did I know my one night stand would turn into so much more not to mention introduce me into a supernatural world I never knew existed.
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Meet Charlie!

Charlie Daye began writing at the tender age of thirteen. With an obsession for romance, happy endings and the supernatural she delves into your greatest fantasies and worst nightmares. She will have you laughing, crying, falling in love and getting angry. She will always give you a HEA but getting there is the journey worth taking.

Charlie Daye was born in Lynwood, California. Her greatest passions are music and writing. Her first short story was written at the age of thirteen. At the time her entire class was asked to write a short story for Halloween as part of a homework assignment. Most of the kids in the class wrote one to two page stories... Charlie wrote eight. The short story titled The Haunted House went on to win her district wide awards and was published locally. From their she began writing poetry as means of expression.

The House is her debut novel. The Colonial is her second full length novel. Stay tuned for more fun stories coming your way!

For updates on my books or just to spend some time in my fun and crazy world check out my webpage at or find me on Facebook!

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