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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Update on personal stuff :)

I know I haven't talked about my amazing blankey lately but it truly has been amazing. Things have been pretty good overall lately (I mean, hell what's better than getting to pitch at RAGT?) but more than that, I really feel like I'm better able to control things with my blanket.

Aromatherapy + blankey = awesomeness

I still have my bad times but I'm reemerging into my love of creating with my resin projects and as soon as a few more nifty things come in, I'll get to unveil a few things I'm making for the fantabulous Grace Augustine.

Not to mention that I have big plans for Waking the Phoenix and Dante and Marisa's story (the one I'll be pitching at RAGT).

Seriously lovelies, anyone struggling like I have really should look into the amazing weighted blankets made by Weighted Love- Weighted Blankets, Vest & More (Sensory Blankets) 

I still have major sensory issues, particularly auditory ones. I don't think hubby fully understands, but he tries. I can go up to him and tell him I'm overwhelmed and he'll cuddle me. His is one of the only touches that soothes me; usually I have significant issues with people touching me.

From an auditory standpoint, I can't turn off the ringing, but I'm learning to cope as well as can be. The other day, an asshole coworker was slurping like mad. Don't ask me why, but that's worse for me than nails on a chalkboard. I had forgotten my damn headphones so I was huddled at my desk trying to plug my ears and type at the same time. I'd totld said coworker before that it bothered me and he just did it more, so this time I didn't bother. Another coworker saw me and messaged me asking if I was ok. I told him the issue and he helped distract me somewhat. I made it through and it DEFINITELY helped having my shawl.

Lovelies, if someone tells you something bothers them to such an extreme, don't be an asshole and do it more. It's funny if something is just a bit bothersome to get under their skin, I admit to doing that too. But if they're fucking BEGGING you to stop, just stop.

Anyway, I hadn't shared in a while so I wanted to share with you all  Back to the writing cave before Barb sees me out of it lol

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