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Friday, June 20, 2014

Return of my (in)sanity

Hello my lovelies! I know I don't update my blog like I should, but I'm sure that's no surprise to many of you. For those who haven't been following my journey, I struggle with anxiety and sensory processing issues. Last year, I let things get too overwhelming and completely vanished for a while. Now, I'm trying to manage things a bit better, yet I still have to disappear for a bit at a time.

Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to go to Lori Foster's RAGT and it was a BLAST. I met so many amazing authors and readers and I'm one step closer to fulfilling the job of my dreams by becoming a full-time author. I can't even begin to describe how exciting it was, but it was also stressful for me. I do well one on one and I had some coping mechanisms in place, but being around that many people and that much noise was very difficult. Combine that with the week before having a different kind of insanity with my best friend having her baby 5 weeks early, and it was a perfect storm. Then there was the weekend after RAGT where I had a signing and my sister's baby shower. Suffice it to say, I've needed to decompress.

As you've probably figured out, Waking the Phoenix is still not released yet. With the pressures of everything going on (I haven't even mentioned what's happening in my day job), I couldn't give the book the attention it, and my readers, deserve. I'm so blessed to have an amazing publisher who encourages me to focus on my writing instead of meeting the deadline when I'm stressed out beyond belief.

Things are calming now so it's back into the writing! I'll be finishing Waking the Phoenix, and I'll also be working on my new project, Dante. I pitched this at RAGT to Carina Press and also had a critique session with the editorial director of Carina and she's so excited about it :) This will be a paranormal romance line completely separate from my Mythrian Realm.

As always, thank you all so much for your support. I couldn't do what I love without you all, especially the encouragement you all give me as I share my struggles. I truly adore writing and one day, it'll be my full time career. Until that day, I'll do my best to squeeze it in :)

I do love hearing from readers so please, if you've enjoyed any of my books, feel free to email me at pa.lindsayavalon AT gmail DOT com. Also, please take the time to leave a short review and find me on Facebook. I should have some more updates and snippets soon!

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