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Monday, January 26, 2015

Her Final Sleep Joe Dicicco

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BLURB: The hard rock band Her Final Sleep are not only beautiful, they are incredibly talented. They have the small town of Pine Lake completely enamored, but some say they hide something evil in their old house just outside of town. Kyle Van Velt and his friends are about to have a run in with Her Final Sleep, with disastrous consequences.

EXCERPT:  The warmth on her neck was replaced with a sudden coldness.
“No, please don’t stop.”
 A single droplet of blood, nearly black in the dim glow of the hearth, rolled down Sasha’s chin, down between her breasts, down the gentle furrow of her chest, stopping at her belly button.
 From the chair by the fireplace, the winter-blonde, Amber, spoke now: “You need more practice, Sasha. Not a drop should be spilt.” She rose to her feet.
“I know this. But she’s so sweet. I’ve never tasted anyone so sweet.”
Amber near floated to the girl. She wrapped a hand around Sarah’s neck, harder, without the caress Sasha had given. She penetrated her neck in a fresh spot, avoiding where Sasha had made her marks.
This fresh pain was brilliant, searing. Sarah could not help but scream. She felt her energy beginning to drain.
Finally Amber pulled her head back, dug her nails into Sarah’s neck not quite hard enough to draw blood. She snarled, revealing long fangs covered in dark blood. Not so much as a drop escaped her lips.
“Struggle, rabbit. Struggle and I’ll snap your neck with one hand.”
From behind: “You’ll do no such thing, Amber.  Sire would be enraged with the waste of such sweet flesh.”
Amber dove back onto the neck. After a moment, from the chair by the fireplace: “That’s enough. “

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