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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Whitby After Dark Spotlight

Displaying 10942436_10205446140373895_1876323232739156100_n.jpgMini Excerpt :

''A young man held a young woman in his arms, her head leaned to one side, her eyes empty and still. He was shadowed, but I saw that the figure was kissing the girl's neck. No that wasn't it. As I moved closer I saw what it was. She was un-moving, a statue, while he sucked on her bleeding neck. I was cold with fear,  yet I moved closer.. mesmerized.''

Chapter Excerpt:

Whitby, England's Capital of Goths. Hopefully one place I won't, for once be classified as weird. Weird me, never? Okay, who on earth was I kidding? I thought I saw ghosts for goodness sake. I constantly have dreams and daydreams of specific events happening, that then happen just as I've pictured it. I creep myself out sometimes.
As I lay in bed asleep, the visions happened again. It was the same one I had three nights previous.

I see dim lit shore on the coastline. I hear a man's laughter. I see the girl again. The poor thing is terrified; her blue eyes wide, the fear filling ever fibre of her. A dark figure reaches for her, brushes her face with his hand.
''Please..., don't... Not again.'' She pleaded.
The girl trembled as he leaned in towards her. He laughed again. She then froze. It wasn't just her being still. Nothing about her moved. The girl was petrified and couldn't move at all. She had become a living statue, Couldn't move, Couldn't plead, Couldn't scream. The fear was so stale I could taste it, I felt sick with it. There was nothing I could do. This dream had happened before,I've already seen it happen. I couldn't stop it. I was helpless. The vision smacked into me again. I saw the man move his face nearer and nearer. I was now in her body. I felt what she felt, her helplessness, and her memories of how he'd touch her every night, her pleading him 'NO'. He wouldn't stop he'd never stop. I felt him touch her/my body and unable to do anything about it. I was out the scene again. The poor girl was only about 12 yrs old, a child, innocent, till he took everything from her. Her mind was like tidal wave of pain. It washed over me and the dark figure.
''They will never believe you'' he whispered.
Her mind cried out. It was unbearable. It filled my every pore. It happened again, she dropped to the floor. She was dead.

Author Review:
''I enjoyed reading this book. It was different than any other vampire book that I've ever read. The vampires and the other supernatural creatures were very likeable. They acted like ordinary teenagers with favorite books and TV shows. They just had unique powers and abilities to kill other creatures. It was interesting to learn about the different vampires and creatures and how they learned to live together.
The book also contained psychological elements. The main character, Lenore, had dreams and powers that were related to a traumatic experience she was enduring. She also wasn't sure if she wanted these powers or not.
The characters in this book had depth and feelings that made you care for them. I can't wait to read the rest of her books in the series.'' 
- Susanne Leist, Author of 'The Dead Game'

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