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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Anniversary and new excerpt from Breaking the Nexus

One year ago today, my husband and I married. Our wedding day was 7 days before the 7th anniversary of when we met, and was such a perfect day. He is my biggest supporter and words cannot express how much I love him <3

As promised, in honor of my anniversary here's a new excerpt! Now it's not the most romantic scene ever, but you do get to see Connor taking care of Sha :) My wonderful husband has always taken care of me and always knows just the right way to make me feel better.

A special thanks to Miranda Stork and Tara Wood for helping me fine tune my voice in my writing. You guys are amazing and already I can see vast improvements. Also to Christina Moore who is currently reading through BTN. I can't wait to see what you think and I know you're going to be a major asset, especially grammatically

Sounds filtered through her the pleasant cocoon of nothingness that surrounded her. Sha groaned. Whoever was talking needed to shut the hell up so she could fall back into oblivion. She knew what waited for her the second she opened her eyes. Blinding pain with a liberal dose of nausea thrown in for good measure. 
Backlash reactions were the bane of her existence. She’d known one was imminent when the gateway had started undulating. The damn things only did that just before raw power surged, potentially decimating anything in its way before it could dissipate. She could have let that happen of course.
Who was she kidding? She sighed. Of course she couldn’t. Hence the brilliant decision to take the surge and funnel it to the Sentinels on the other side working to seal the gateway. 
“Come on, Sha, wake up. Nap time’s over and you’ve scared the crap out of me long enough.” Connor’s stern command made her smile. Well at least think about smiling. Actually forming a facial expression would have required far too much energy. 
Wait, something seemed strange about hearing his voice right now. Her eyes flew open and she tried to sit up. “How are you here? Didn’t I get pulled into Mythria? Actually, hold that thought…” Miserable she rolled to her side and began to wretch. Lovely, now she got to humiliate herself in front of him. Could this get any better?
“Just relax for a minute.” Gentle fingers brushed her hair back from her face then began to massage her temples. By the flame that felt good. “Luca said you’d probably be sick when you woke up. He told me you were supposed to drink that tonic, that you’d know what it was.” He held a flask to her lips. Judging by the putrid blend of rotten eggs with a stagnant water, she knew exactly what it was. Poison. It was also known as havast and was renowned for its ability to speed up recovery of backlash, but it was no easy cure. “He also said not to whine about the taste this time.”


  1. *stands and does slow 80's clap* Your voice is totes coming through. I can't wait to read the rest of this story.