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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 9/23/12!

Enjoy this little snippet from my newest WIP Song of the Abyss! This is a twisted fairy tale that will be released in an anthology this halloween. All I will tell you about this scene is that our heroine, Princess Nerissa, was just married but instead of a happy day, she is thrown into a nightmare. I hope you enjoy this little peek at it and I promise soon you will get to know so much more.

Keep in mind this is unedited :)

     If she slowed, she would die. 
“Come here little dove. I won’t hurt you. Much…” 
That voice, dead calm and coated in frost, terrified her. It was her wedding day, supposed to be the start of a new life. Instead it may just be her last.

As a special gift to my lovely readers (and because I realized I haven't posted this yet) here's the character sketch of Nerissa designed by the lovely Miranda Stork!

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  1. Ooh one little word ("much") can say so.... much. I like it!