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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beautiful Handmade Gifts by Coryographies

I wanted to share something beautiful I found recently and fell in love with. I'm sure you can all guess that I adore books. Obviously I must or else I wouldn't be writing them right? :) Well I discovered by chance a fantastic little Etsy shop with some of the most beautiful and intricate pieces of jewelry ever. But it gets even better...many of the pieces revolve around BOOKS! Oh but wait, there's more. I also adore drinking tea, as some of you may know, so imagine my surprise when this store also had a piece that combined books and tea!!

This lovely little shop in cyberspace world is called Coryographies and is based in the UK. Naturally I couldn't pass up on a piece of jewelry that could convey my love of books and tea! I decided on a bookcase necklace that has pretty little books and a teapot with tea cup. Then I saw an adorable pair of teapot studs and definitely couldn't pass those up either ;) Can you tell I love to shop??

The best part is that Cory's work is all hand painted which means if you want to tweak the colors shown in her pictures, just ask! She matched the blue of my teapot earrings to the blue of the bookcase and it turned out fantastic. I'm seriously so in love with her stock, I've already found a few other pieces I plan to buy. 

Here's a picture of the items. My hands are child-sized so this should give you a pretty good indication just how small her items really are. You'd think a bookshelf would feel bulky and awkward as a necklace but its small size is simply perfect.

Oh and did I mention that when Breaking the Nexus is finally ready, I plan to feature one of her items in a giveaway??

Now for the nitty gritty details I'm sure you all want to know. Here are a few key points:

Considering the intricacy of her work, the amazing details and painting, and the fact that these are TINY pieces, I was quite amazed at the extremely reasonable cost of the jewelry and shipping. Here's a breakdown of my order:
   - Shipping: 3 GBP 
   - Total cost in USD: Right around $50 

Cory responded to my questions quickly and was so helpful. She notified me when my pieces were done and that she had shipped them. So many sellers can be hard to track down or you have to nag to find out whether they've shipped your item. Not so with Cory! An added bonus was a handwritten thank you note included in my order with a small discount good on my next purchase!!

These pieces feel very well made. The painting is very clean and you can really tell she took her time. Many of the pieces presumably are glued into place but everything looks pretty seamless with no globs or anything to detract from the beauty. The colors are vivid and so gorgeous

Turn around time for shipping me the items was within a week. Shipping took a little while to reach me but that's not surprising considering she mailed it to me from the UK and it had to pass through US customs. I would say the wait time was standard.

Overall Impressions: 5 Blue Duckies!

This is one amazing seller. Not only are her pieces quality workmanship at a very affordable price, she truly believes in customer service. Twice I've seen her listings state that she will be unavailable to fulfill orders for a given set of dates. To make up for this she offers a discount on any order placed during that time frame. Most sellers just kind of drop of the face of the earth if they have to be away, so it is quite refreshing to find one that clearly states what is happening.

If you're looking for some beautiful jewelry, definitely check out Coryographies! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Etsy Site:

Don't forget to keep an eye out when Breaking the Nexus comes out for your chance to win one of these beautiful pieces!

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