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Monday, March 11, 2013

Interview with Allison Cosgrove!!

Hello lovelies! I hope my American lovelies observing DST remembered to set your clocks forward an hour over the weekend! On Sunday I was writing late and I looked at the clock to see it was 1:30AM then went back to writing. The next thing I knew, hubby was banging on the floor to get my attention (I had headphones in) and it was 3AM! I was like "WTF? How did I lose...Damn daylight savings time!"

Anyway, I digress lol. Today we have the fantabulous Allison Cosgrove joining me on The Lindsay Show!!

Welcome Allison and thank you for joining me! When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I have been writing mysteries almost as long as I remember. My first “novel” was when I was around 12. I had these thin notebooks I bound together with yarn.

That's so cool you started so young! I love that you created your own books :) What has been the most difficult part about being a writer?

Lately Ive been so busy I have ended up suffering from serious writers block. I can sense the story is there but have no magic to write it with.

I have had that EXACT same problem! So frustrating isn't it? Who are your favorite authors?

Stephen King is my favorite by far. He has a magic that brings his characters and their stories to life in a way like no other.

He's definitely an amazing author. What authors inspire you?

Again I’d have to say Stephen King. His story on how he rose to fame is an amazing one.

I hate to admit this, but I'm not sure I've heard it! Will have to look that up lol. Are you a plotter or a pantser with your writing?

Pantser to start definitely. I let my characters tell me where they want to go with the investigations and then I simply fine tune it all near the end with some careful planning.

That sounds like a great strategy :) What type of books do you like to read?

All sorts really. Just really depends on my mood, mystery and true crime are my favorites however.

Love true crime! What do you like to do in your free time?

Spend time with my husband and kids outdoors hiking and visiting nature. Crafting, crocheting and redo bits of my home.

Ooo I love crochet! Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Out of places I have been recently I would have to say Algonquin Provincial Park. However I am looking forward to taking my kids to my childhood favorite place –Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

I've never heard of those places before lol. Will have to look those up! If you were stuck on a desert island and could have only three things, what would they be?

Pencil, empty notebook and a coffee bean plant.

LMAO, love the coffee bean plant idea. Just one would you grind and brew the coffee? Why did you choose to write a thriller?

I love them and enjoy the psychological aspect of writing them. Yep! I love messing with peoples minds as I go along :)

I must admit, it's fun to mess with people haha. What has been the most fun about working on your books?

The adventure. My characters take me on the journey and I just document it all for the rest of you. Its an amazing ride to be on when you let your characters take the lead.

I couldn't agree more. What has been the hardest scene for you to write?

The final battle scene. I had to rewrite it several times until I got the feel I was looking for.

Battle scenes are hard, as are the final scenes. Combine the two and it's no wonder it was hard! Do you have any favorite characters? 

Stan and Jane are my kids. 

That happens a lot with our characters :) How did you come up with the premise for Sacrifice of Innocence?

Just one of those stories that growns on you. Not entirely sure where it started from though.

Sometimes those are the best kind :) Tell us about more about Detective Stan Brookshire.

Hes your average guy really. I think that’s what I love most about him. He’s got his demons to wrestle like the rest of us and he faces the same challenges the rest of us would when dealing with life.

He sounds like a great character! Cults have always fascinated me. Tell us more about the cult in your story please.

It took me a while to find a cult that fit my needs and I settled on an ancient Aztec god to which the followers sacrificed children to gain favor with the gods.

So creative, love it! This is the first in a series for you. What can we expect from future books in the series?

More bad guys, higher stakes. New permanent characters.

I can't wait to see more! What's next for you?

The second book in the series Dragon Twins is due out later this spring. That aside I may be tempted to try my hand at a romantic thriller.

Thank you so much for joining me, Allison! Lovelies, be sure you snag your copy of Sacrifice of Innocence!

Sacrifice of Innocence...Buy it Now!

A cult has been killing children for its rituals and only one cop knows who they are. Detective Stan Brookshire knows but his past keeps people from believing in him. Can he rise above the stigma that shrouds his past and stop a cult from taking yet another innocent child from her mother’s arms before it’s too late?

Meet Allison!

Allison Cosgrove was born and raised in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. A married mother of three daughters, she works in accounting by day and creates her own worlds by night. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters hiking in the woods or sitting by the fire reading a good book. She has had the love of reading and writing detective mysteries from the age of twelve but it has only been since the birth of her youngest that she has gotten serious about crafting some of her own works for others to enjoy. She credits her family and friends with being the driving force that has given her the strength to breathe life into her books.
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