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Monday, March 4, 2013

Interview with Christine Steendam + GIVEAWAY!!

Hello lovelies! Today I have the pleasure of hosting one of my fantabulous friends during her Heart Like An Ocean Blog Tour!!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the interview with this amazing author and then be sure to check out her book!

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Thank you so much for joining me, Christine!! When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I kind of always knew, but I was told it just wasn’t a realistic option. When I got married and had a kid it opened that door back up to me and I began to seriously pursue it.

I'm glad you ignored whoever told you it wasn't a realistic option! What has been the most difficult part about being a writer?

Finding the discipline to actually do it! Sometimes I’m really good and will write 1500-2000 words 5 days a week, and then sometimes I’ll go a week without writing anything.

OMG I thought I was the only one who did that haha! Who are your favorite authors?

Orson Scott Card, Daniel Keyes Moran, Carmen DeSousa, and I’m finding so many more new and fantastic authors every week!

Ooo. fantastic authors! What authors inspire you?

The indie authors that are making a name for themselves. I’m just now starting to discover the work that goes in to getting yourself out there. To name a few I’d say MJ Kane, Carmen DeSousa and you (your fan base is amazing and so loyal!).

Aww thank you <3 That means the world to me! Are you a plotter or a pantser with your writing?

Pantser all the way. I love the journey of discovery, never knowing what my characters are going to do or say next.

Me too! What type of books do you like to read?

A little of everything. I love sci-fi, drama, crime, romance, historical, upper YA, fantasy. Basically any genre.

That's awesome and definitely opens you to a ton of fantastic authors. What do you like to do in your free time?

Free time? What’s that? Lol. I like to read and beta read for other authors but my favorite thing to do is ride my horse. If I can get an hour or two away from my son and all the things at home that’s where you’ll find me.

LOL I know, free time is elusive in our business! Where is your favorite place to vacation?

There’s a ranch about 2.5 hours outside of the town I live in. That’s my favorite place in the entire world. When I’m there I can forget about life and just spend some time with family, friends, my horse, or with the characters in whatever book I’m working on.

Wow, that sounds simply amazing and I must admit I'm just a tinge jealous you live so close to a ranch lol. If you were stuck on a desert island and could have only three things, what would they be?

My favorite book, a notebook, and a huge box of pencils. I figured since you said things, my husband didn’t count ;)

LOL! Love those answers!! Why did you choose to write a historical romance?

I didn’t. It chose me. I always thought I’d write sci-fi or fantasy.

Haha, that's awesome then! Sometimes it just works out that way :) What has been the most fun about working on your books?

I love it when I throw in a character that is supposed to be a nobody and they take matters into their own hands and decide that they are gonna be important. To me that is just the most exciting and thrilling thing about writing my books. In Heart Like an Ocean Matt and Julie were those characters.

OMG that happened to me with my book!! A character that was supposed to be a very minor role ballooned into one that will end up having his own book lol. Isn't that funny how it happens like that? What has been the hardest scene for you to write?

I can’t write endings. Absolutely cannot. At least not in the first draft, and sometimes not even in the second draft. Originally Heart Like an Ocean went on for another 2 or 3 chapters until it finally came to me how it was supposed to end.

Definitely sympathize with you there. Endings are so scary for me, so final you know? Do you have any favorite characters?

I love James, he’s so conflicted and unsure. Obviously I love Senona, her transformation from girl into woman is what makes me love her story so much. And Brant, he’s just tons of fun.

Can I say that I adore the name Senona? Such an awesome name! I love your title, Heart Like an Ocean. How did you come up with that?

When I think of the ocean I think of freedom, how nothing controls it and it’s so vast. But I also think of how it’s so easy to look at the surface and see only that, and have no idea what’s going on beneath. That is Senona, free but still complicated, conflicted, and so much more going on beneath the surface than one might think.

The romantic in me just sighed big time. Love that reason <3 Tell us more about Senona and her personality. Does her free-spirited nature get her into trouble since it’s so out of the norm for that time period?

It seems to get in the way everywhere she turns, in love, in family, the only place it doesn’t seem to interfere is with her friends.

Well now I'm definitely dying to read this book! Did you find you had to do a lot of research to write a book written in the 1600’s?

So much more than I had anticipated. A couple days before the ebook was released I was emailing my publisher saying “quick, we need to change something!” because I realized I had made a mistake. I did hours upon hours upon hours of research and I still made sure that I didn’t get too involved in the historical aspect of the story, otherwise it would have been so much more!

LOL! I can only imagine the research you had to do! I commend you for taking it on because part of why I love writing paranormal/dark fantasy is I can make up my own rules much of the time :) Having to maintain historical accuracy would be such a challenge for me. Why did you choose to have Brant be a privateer?

I wanted Brant to be dangerous, but still somewhat respectable. A privateer is employed by the government, so even though he is his own man, there is still a sense of legitimacy to him, which is important for the storyline.

That's exactly what I picture him as when I think of a privateer lol. Is this part of a series? If so, what can we expect from future books?

I really don’t know yet. I wrote it so that it could be a stand alone, but there is room for more books. I guess it’ll depend on if the characters start whispering in my ear again, or if the readers want more. But, if I were to write more I’m thinking of maybe delving a little more into James’ life… or maybe go back and tell Brant and Catherine’s story from before.

I'm so happy you have left the possibility for a series because something tells me I'm going to want more after reading this! What's next for you?

I’m currently in the editing stages of a contemporary romance set on an Alberta ranch. Cowboys, horses, a bit of intrigue, what’s not to love?

*GASP* You said the magic word: cowboys!! I'm a BIG sucker for cowboys <3 Write faster lol! Anything else you want your readers to know?

If you haven’t already check out Lindsay’s book. It’s fantastic :) Thanks, Lindsay for having me.

Aww you're making me blush!! *huge hugs* Lovelies, definitely check out Heart Like an Ocean!! Christine, it has truly been a blast having you! I can't wait to do my review for your book!

Heart Like an Ocean...Buy it Now!

In a society where she doesn't belong, Senona Montez, a strong-willed and free-spirited woman refuses to follow the path expected of a Don's only child.

On the eve of her marriage to a stranger, she saddles her horse and flees everything she knows, only to discover the petty concerns of society did not prepare her for the harsh life on the open sea. She finds an unlikely protector in a reckless privateer, Brant Foxton.

Straddling the worlds of independence and privilege in 1600's Europe, this captivating man challenges her in ways she never thought possible, shows her what living to the fullest really means, and allows her to follow her heart wherever it leads. 

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Senona looked around the room full of swirling dresses of so many shapes and colors. It was like a dream and left her overwhelmed and unable to tear her eyes away. Tonight she was a princess in her new dress with her hair curled, cascading in loose waves down her back. Tonight she was perfect.

Browsing the room, this time in search of familiar faces, Senona spotted Caton Amador, and Isidro Amato. The boys, although older, were her friends and a welcome relief to the overwhelming nature of her surroundings. She made her way around the perimeter of the room in their general direction.

Isidro was never very serious about anything and enjoyed teasing Senona, which annoyed her to no end. Caton was much more subdued and quiet, at least around her. Although they were not as close as they once had been, the families remained good friends, and the three of them spent many hours riding around the countryside or playing games in the garden. When they were younger, Isidro and Caton had been her constant companions, helping her sneak out of tea with their Madres or rescuing her from lessons with her tutor. Now they never voluntarily saw each other, but due to their families’ relationship, they found themselves together often enough.

“Senona, my Chica! You are a picture of beauty, as always,” boomed Isidro’s obnoxious and teasing voice.

Caton turned to look at the young girl. “Leave her alone, Isidro.”

“Come on, Caton. She’s glad to see us.”

Caton frowned but said nothing, turning his attention back to the pretty girl standing next to him. Isidro seemed to accept that as permission to continue, and he smirked mockingly at Senona, beckoning her. The small flock of girls that surrounded the two boys giggled, causing her to blush and become hesitant and uncomfortable. She had never seen the boys in this environment, and she quickly questioned her decision that she belonged with them.

“It’s okay, Isidro. I just wanted to say hello.”

“Well then, run along. There must be some of your friends around.”

Senona forced a smile and turned to Caton. “Hello, Caton.”

He barely acknowledged her with a brief glance and nod in her direction, and then returned to ignoring her. Unsure of how to deal with Caton’s rejection, she walked away, her eyes burning with angry tears that threatened to spill over. Why was he being so rude? Not even so much as a hello, as if he were embarrassed to be associated with her.

As she pushed her way through the crowd, she heard one of the girls laugh. “Caton, I do believe you hurt her feelings.”

Caton’s deep, unmistakable chuckle cut through the din and his voice was all she heard. “She’s a silly, strange girl. I would rather not encourage her.”

Senona expected this behavior from Isidro, but from Caton? She had always thought he was honest and simple, but his actions tonight had shown her otherwise. She had been a fool to think that these older boys were her friends.

Escaping into the shadows, she hid from the sneering glances and mocking laughter that seemed to follow her wherever she went. She had thought that tonight would be different, but nothing had changed. She was just a strange little girl.

The night was a blur, a blur of swirling skirts and obnoxious voices. To nearly everyone she was invisible. Even her Madre and Padre, who had never been overly affectionate towards their daughter, seemed to have completely forgotten her existence. But that wasn’t so different from normal. They weren’t very affectionate people ever, even towards each other.

At the end of the night, Senona lay in bed, her new dress hanging in her wardrobe, mocking her. She had realised tonight how far she fell from society’s standards, her own parents’ standards. Any illusion she had of being a princess, of being perfect for one night had been shattered. But that didn't really bother her. The truly odd thing was that she felt a weight lifted from her shoulders. Perhaps she didn’t have to be that way. Perhaps now she had the freedom to do as she wanted. It wasn’t as if anyone cared about her anyway. She was just a strange little girl.

Meet Christine!

Christine has been writing stories since she could put pen to paper and form words. Now, fifteen years later, her debut novel is released and her second book is in the works.
Christine has spent the better half of her life owning and working with horses, and these four legged companions often find their way into her stories. After all, no work of women’s fiction would be complete without a horse or two--In her opinion at least ;)
She currently makes her home in the center of the world—no, really. Look at an atlas. 

Connect with Christine:


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