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Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's Explore Breaking the Nexus!

At least once a week I'm going to try to feature a post about my upcoming novel Breaking the Nexus and this is the first installment! To kick things off I'm going to discuss the book I've been mentioning on Twitter and Facebook. So let's have a little Q&A with the voices in my head also known as my inspiration...

What is Breaking the Nexus and how did it come about?
Basically Breaking the Nexus is a paranormal romance novel that was born during NaNoWriMo 2011. My older sister convinced me to participate with her and I decided on paranormal romance because it is one of my favorite genres. I have always had fantasy worlds going race through my head and I knew it was time to try to get them on paper.

So what is the Nexus and why is it Breaking?
Before I can answer the first question, I'll give you a little background. You know all of those fairy tales you grew up with? The ones with dragons, fairies, shape shifters, and demons? All those mythical and legendary creatures you hear in stories but are told are simply fiction? Well they do exist. You see the world you live in now is not what it seems. This is merely one realm, the Human Realm. Living amongst you and for the most part hidden from view are all of these fantastical creatures living in Mythria, also known as the Mythrian Realm. The realms are separated by a barrier known as the Nexus.

The Nexus was raised millennia ago in an effort to protect the humans. It is not completely solid, however, and along the Nexus are gateways. Over in the Mythrian Realm, the Sentinels watch over the Nexus and ensure it remains intact. There's just one teensy little problem...the Nexus is breaking. Gateways are shattering and the creatures of Mythria are spilling over into the Human Realm. As for why it is breaking? You'll have to read to find out :)

Who are your main characters?
I don't want to say too much on this because I plan to do some character bios later on but the main hero and heroine are Detective Connor Flynn who is a human detective and Sha Phoenix who is a Mythrian Sentinel. Sha is a Sorceri, a race possessing magical abilities. I will give more details on both of them as well as going into more details about the Sorceri and some of the other races, creatures, and characters in later blog posts.

So there you have it. The characters are demanding they get their next scene written so that's all for now. Breaking the Nexus is still a work in progress but I am aiming to publish it this fall. Be sure to follow me on this blog, Twitter, and Facebook for more peeks into the world of Breaking the Nexus!

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  1. Great post! Can't wait to find out more!!!