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Monday, July 30, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!! This fall I will be self-publishing my debut paranormal romance novel, Breaking the Nexus. I will be posting all sorts of goodies about my upcoming novel including character bios, snippets, updates on my progress, and other information on the novel.

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And now for sneak peek at the unedited prologue of Breaking the Nexus!!

For countless generations, humans throughout the world have heard the tales of the supernatural. Men and women who could change their shape at will into magnificent beasts, beings with mystical powers over the elements, and fantastic creatures that appeared to be a conglomeration of multiple animals. Beginning in infancy, children learned of werewolves, gryphons, centaurs and mermaids. Of elves, sorcerers, and even demons. All of these stories were thought to be no more than fairy tales intended to amuse and entertain while teaching lessons and morals to the young. As children grew up and became adults, they were discouraged from believing the fanciful stories until finally they too relegated the supernatural to the incredible imaginations of youth. There was just one small flaw: those fictional legends were rooted in far more truth than the humans ever realized.

Thousands of years ago, humans coexisted with the supernatural Mythrian races, albeit tumultuously. There were some humans who envied the magic of the supernatural and resented living under their Power. Likewise, there were some Mythrians who viewed the humans as weak and sought to eradicate the inferior race. Time pressed on and a powerful darkness spread through the human cities, led by a powerful demon known only as Ferren. Misery, pain and death were all that remained in his wake. The kings of the magical races were approached by the leaders of the great human civilizations, who begged the Mythrians for aid. Efforts to stop Ferren were in vain and many lives were lost. Finally, it was decided that the supernatural beings would protect the humans by erecting a magical barrier to split the physical world into two realms: the Human Realm and the Mythrian Realm. The realms could exist simultaneously and independently so long as the Nexus, as the magical barrier came to be known, remained intact. One brave hero volunteered to act as a sacrifice to give the barrier the necessary strength to hold Ferren and his armies at bay. After one final, fierce battle between the hero and Ferren, the demon was sufficiently weakened, giving the Sorceri time to raise the Nexus with the power of the hero’s sacrifice providing further strength. The kings selected a group of the most powerful beings from each of the Mythrian races dedicated to maintaining the Nexus, calling them the Sentinels. These Sentinels would also act as enforcers to try to prevent Mythrians from penetrating the Nexus through the few Gateways necessary to allow the humans to enter their realm.

With the exception of the few humans who had fallen in love with a Mythrian and chose to stay in the Mythrian Realm, the human race gladly withdrew to their side of the Nexus. Since the Human Realm was far more isolated, as time progressed and civilizations rose and fell, the stories passed down from generation to generation began to sound less and less like truth. In the present day, any human who claims to have seen supernatural beings is ridiculed and dismissed. But trouble once again brews, and soon these people may not seem so crazy after all…

(copyright 2012 Lindsay Avalon)

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  1. Just read the intro to your series. It's fantastic!