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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Insanity with a $5 GIVEAWAY!!

Don't ask me why but I feel the need to just post a random rambling post :)

These past few weeks have been insane to say the least. I've been working my butt off to finish my novella for the Once Upon A Twisted Time anthology (due out Halloween!!), my husband has been applying for medical residencies, I've been setting up a blog tour for Breaking the Nexus in December, and I've been working with a number of people who want to do interviews with me. Oh and still have that pesky day job and all the general things that go along with being a wife and mother to a special needs dog.

Now I promise that's not whining it's just that randomly it hits me that holy crap I'm taking on a lot of stuff. I have never ever been accused of being an organized person. Seriously, just ask my family. Somehow instead of wanting to find the nearest hole to crawl inside and hide, I'm loving being this busy and I'm doing my best to be all organized. That part is still a work in progress LOL. I have a nifty Android app that manages ToDo lists of all the things I'm supposed to be doing which has helped, but damn it's not easy!

So what's the point of babbling about all of that? To ask for a little help. First off, if I don't get back to you with your interview questions or haven't followed up with you, shoot me a message. I promise I don't bite...much ;) I also would love it if any of you have tips for staying organized when it comes to keeping track of events, managing social networking stuff, stuff like that. I'm learning as I go but for a chronic procrastinator and candidate for most flighty person ever, I could use all the help I can get :)

I'd also love suggestions on what you'd like to see on my blog. Do you like seeing all of these interviews or do you want more from me too? I haven't posted too much story stuff because my novella has a twist I don't want to give away in the snippets and I haven't gotten to write much in Breaking the Nexus lately. As soon as I start back on that, trust me I'll be including much more :) As I work my way through my TBR pile, I'll also be posting more reviews!

Your mission: Please leave a comment sharing any tips you have about organization or sharing something you'd like to see here. I'm really curious what you have to say so I'm even going to bribe, er reward, you for your input :) I'll randomly choose one commenter to receive a $5 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card. Contest will run until midnight EST Sunday 10/14.

Finally, I cannot thank you all for your support enough. I wouldn't be where I am now without you guys and I couldn't ask to be a part of a more amazing community.

Oh and if you've noticed I'm doing a bunch of giveaways all of a sudden, it's because recently my life has been truly blessed. When things got rough, something as simple as winning a little gift card or an ebook was enough to make my day and I want to share that with others. As long as I can afford to and as long as there's still interest, I'll keep doing these little giveaways :)



  1. I don't know how to advise people about organization. I have been told by lots of people that I am really organized. Otherwise I wouldn't do all the things that I do. I would recommend doing a planning chart. That's what I do. I include in the chart all the things I want to do along the week. Hope it helps :D

    1. That's a great idea Cinta :) Thank you!!!

  2. I have to keep a diary with work shifts, having an unorganised teenager who never remembers her appointments; plus writing/ blogging and at the moment Hospital appointments. I would be lost without my diary. I have also started to use the appointments feature on my mobile as a backup. I also make lists of things to do for the week and marked them off when completed. Old-fashioned but it works for me.<3

  3. Lindsay, I am the most unorganized person I know. Constantly forgetting appointments, taking the kids someplace, double booking, etc...
    What has helped me a lot is Cozi ( It has saved my life. My wife is connected to it aw well and we can get alerts for each other's schedule and plan around it. It also does a lot more than just appointments, it's pretty cool.

  4. Congrats all of you guys! You're all winners :)