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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wicked After Dark Hop - Meet George!!

Welcome to the first day of the Wicked After Dark Halloween Blog Hop!

*** Attention: Due to some fantastic responses, I will be adding a prize to my giveaway. Best comment on any post answering "What is the most wicked thing you've ever done?" will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. 

If you already answered this, answer the question "What is the wildest Halloween memory you have?" Doesn't need to be PG :) This is in addition to the Rafflecopter below ***

This Halloween, my very first novella, Song of the Abyss,will be released in the anthology Once Upon A Twisted Time, brought to you by Moon Rose Publishing. I teamed up with the fantastic Miranda Stork, Tara S. Wood, and Trish Marie Dawson to bring you a collection of twisted fairy tales unlike anything you've ever read. Throughout this hop, I will bring you snippets featuring the heroines of each story. At the end of the hop, you'll have the chance to buy this spectacular anthology!!

Don't forget to go back to the last few posts on this blog where I introduced you to each of our alpha heroes!

Now without further ado, I would like you all to meet George from Tara S Wood's steampunk piece Miss Cavendish and the Spark of Salvation!

All images relating to Once Upon A Twisted Time, including cover image and character renderings, are owned by Moon Rose Publishing and cannot be used or reproduced without the express written permission of Moon Rose Publishing

This gorgeous rendering (as well as the cover) was designed by none other than the fantabulous Miranda Stork! 

Tara took the tale of Snow White and turned it completely on its head. Now it's a steampunk masterpiece with some of my favorite characters of all time :) You met Asher a few days ago (if you didn't what are you waiting for??) so now I present George!

The sudden bank of the airship threw her off her feet and George stumbled into the room as she was shoved from behind. The door was slammed shut behind her and she looked up to see the cold beauty of Xenobia Cavendish’s face.

“You have gotten yourself into quite a pickle, my niece.” She stood from her cushion-lined window seat with a smile and turned to the starboard side wall which was lined with mirrors. Xenobia preened in the expanse of glass, fluffing her hair and observing George from the corner of her eye. George looked back toward the door with a frown. “Don’t worry about them,” Xenobia said, facing her. “They won’t be bothering us. They’ll be taking your little device to the workshop. It will be safely delivered to the Syndicate’s headquarters for further review.”

“It doesn’t work,” George shot back with a lift of her chin. “It’s useless.”

Xenobia’s raven hair shook around her face. “No matter. It will. Or it won’t. Either way, it’s in my possession and that is all that really matters. What I decide to do or not do with it is none of your concern now.” Her eyes narrowed. “You should have brought it to me in the first place. We are family, George.” Her lovely head tilted in thought. “That means something.”

George snorted. “Family? We’re not family. You don’t care about anyone but yourself.”

Xenobia’s hands shifted to her waist and for the first time, George saw the thin scabbard at her side. A rapier. She’d forgotten Xenobia fenced.

“Darling, don’t be trite. You are a Cavendish, like your father.”

“And look where that got him. Dead in an alley. Killed by his own sister.” George’s face was hard. Anger began to build beneath her skin, slowing her blood to a crawl. The sly smile on Xenobia’s face told her she was right. Xenobia had indeed had her father killed. She had no intention of letting her leave this airship alive. With or without the machine. The realization pricked at the back of her mind.

Xenobia laughed, a low, rich sound full of smug satisfaction. “It was unfortunate, but necessary. With him gone, I have been able to grow the Syndicate’s holdings, and with it, amass a great deal of power. Everything has fallen to me. Where it belongs.”

“And what about me?” George countered. “The right of inheritance is clear. If you die, the Syndicate is mine. And the power to break it.”

Xenobia scoffed, “Foolish girl. You should know that if you want it, you’ll have to kill me.”

George’s lip curled in a dark sneer as a steely resolve anchored her limbs. “So be it.”

Stop back tomorrow to meet another heroine! Now for the giveaway...


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  1. Fabulous! I love George, she's so spunky. Thank you for another awesome post hun! :D

  2. What a great character!!! Very strong, I love that!

  3. thanks for the chance to win and happy halloween

  4. Oh boy.. loved this one. I'll have to check back later to see how it ends. Awesome work!!
    Cat! Calley228(at)Gmail(dot)com

  5. My wildest Halloween memory is when I was pregnant with my daughter, Amber, and I was as big as a house. My husband, me, his friend were on our way to a Halloween party. My husband and his friend were dressed like women. They had real wigs, dresses, make-up, fake nails, high heals, the whole nine yards. Even though my husband is 6'4". anyway, we had to stop at the gas station on our way to the party, and this guy kept staring at my husband so he started winking at him and blowing him kisses. Then I got my big belly out of the car to run into the gas station to get a pop. When I came back i stoped and my husband gave me a kiss, the guys eyes nearly popped out of his head.

  6. My hubby and I have enjoyed BDSM from rime to time.
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  7. comment. I haven't done anything Wicked
    Thanks for the giveaway!!


  8. Being a dominatrix for halloween, it was almost a little too much fun ;)

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    2. Let's just say it involves a loading dock and an ex boyfriend lol

  9. I'm a 'good' girl. I can't really think of anything wicked that I have done. I've walked quietly and scared a few people. does that count?
    jessangil at gmail dot com

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