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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wicked After Dark Hop - Meet Nyx!!

Welcome to the Wicked After Dark Halloween Blog Hop!

*** Attention: Due to some fantastic responses, I will be adding a prize to my giveaway. Best comment on any post answering "What is the most wicked thing you've ever done?" will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. 

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This Halloween, my very first novella, Song of the Abyss,will be released in the anthology Once Upon A Twisted Time, brought to you by Moon Rose Publishing. I teamed up with the fantastic Miranda Stork, Tara S. Wood, and Trish Marie Dawson to bring you a collection of twisted fairy tales unlike anything you've ever read. Throughout this hop, I will bring you snippets featuring the heroines of each story. At the end of the hop, you'll have the chance to buy this spectacular anthology!!

Don't forget to go back to the last few posts on this blog where I introduced you to each of our alpha heroes!

Now without further ado, I would like you all to meet Nyx from Miranda Stork's Reborn City!

All images relating to Once Upon A Twisted Time, including cover image and character renderings, are owned by Moon Rose Publishing and cannot be used or reproduced without the express written permission of Moon Rose Publishing

This gorgeous rendering (as well as the cover) was designed by none other than the fantabulous Miranda Stork! 

Now everybody knows the story of Cinderella right? How she was a hacker? No? Oh, my mistake...guess you'll just have to wait for the anthology to come out ;) In the meantime, here's your snippet!

Her fingers trembled as she tried to fix the wires in place. A tickling bead of sweat rolled slowly down her temple, and she had to grit her teeth to resist wiping it away. Nyx blinked, trying hard to concentrate on the task before her. Her long fingers worked fast, twisting the small steel threads in one go. Heaving a sigh of relief, she pushed them behind the metal plate on the wall, darting a glance around to check she was still alone.
The lights above were off, leaving the passageway in darkness, except for the glowing panels along the walls. They created an eerie blue glimmer, resonating with a soft humming. Nyx swiftly grabbed up her bag, and ran along the corridor, her footsteps echoing. She winced at the sound, pausing for a second. Her breath caught in her throat as she listened for anyone nearby.
Her heart thundered in her chest. The leather suit she had forced herself to wear was far too warm, and it was making her itch in places she didn’t think existed. Rolling her shoulders in an event to make herself more comfortable, she tried to shift it around, to stop it sticking. It didn’t help, and only succeeded in fusing more of it to her awkwardly. Nyx let out an exasperated hiss, blowing a strand of hair from her forehead. Her footsteps clattered as she raced along the passage, darting into a dark corner, where she could just see the glint of a steel casing.
Placing her bag down, she rummaged around for one of her tools, the slender objects jostling together. She pulled out a long, tapered one, and began to pry at the edges of the casing. Gritting her teeth, she pushed hard on it, until the edges became loose. Nyx paused for a second, her wrist aching, and then began to push on it again. The casing creaked and refused to give way, until it suddenly fell off with a loud crashing sound, bouncing on the hard floor. 
Nyx held her breath, listening intently again. She inwardly cursed herself for being so careless, and snatched the plate up, leaning it carefully against the wall. She felt in the bag for a small wiry tool, which was resonating at one bulbous end. Holding it tightly, Nyx pressed the end against a section of coloured wires in the recess left by the metal plate. It began to burn brighter, and tiny sparks danced away from it as it touched the wires. The glow became heated, and the wires snapped, melted by the molten heat. Throwing the tool back into her bag, Nyx reached into her pocket and snatched out a small device, with more wires hanging from one end.
The object was no more than four or five inches in length, and flat. Grabbing the other wires, Nyx began to twist them onto the object, repeating her task from a minute or two ago. Her fingers moved fast as she clicked it into place, and slid the metal plate back over the recess again.
This was a difficult job. Nyx was a ‘Runner’; a computer hacker for the United Group for the Liberation of Individuals, otherwise known as U.G.L.I. The group was made up mainly of women, thanks to the first brainwashing of the citizens claiming most of the men. The women referred to one another as ‘sisters’, now made sisters through pain if not blood. 
The Governor was in charge of the whole city. Two-hundred and fifty-three years ago, in 2024, there had been a great war. It had nearly wiped out mankind, and it had taken another seventy years before humanity picked itself off the floor and dusted itself down. Small towns began to pop up, and some grew into cities. No-one was connected though. Only the Governors of each city or town met to discuss business with one another; trade for each place. Citizens were forbidden from leaving the towns or cities, and being found outside of them was punishable by death. Luckily for Nyx, she had never been found yet.
Looking up, she grabbed the bag again, and scampered along the floor, racing into another dark corner. She was about to reach into her pack once more, when she heard a sound. The blood froze in her veins as she realised she could hear heavy footsteps marching straight towards her. The darkened space suddenly didn’t seem big enough to hold her. 
An echo danced off the walls and mocked her, the steady rhythm of the steps getting closer and closer. Breath held in her throat, Nyx silently let go of the bag, and slid her hand inside her boot, drawing out an ebony knife. Her emerald eyes opened wide with anticipation as she readied herself, dabbing her tongue out at her dry lips. Blood pounded in her ears, a steady rhythm to the heated rush of adrenaline pumping through her veins, and she tightened her grip on the knife.
The footsteps were suddenly only a few feet away from her hiding space. Nyx pressed herself as close to the wall behind as she could, trying to dissolve into the shadows. She could hear heavy breathing, but didn’t dare take a look around the corner. There was a clunking sound, as though the panel had been pulled away again. Muttering came from behind the wall, and then a soft clicking sound, like a gun being cocked.
Nyx closed her eyes tightly, and counted to three under her breath, swallowing hard. 
Her body moved like lightening. Nyx jumped out from behind the corner, landing heavily on the body of the guard. His visor went flying off, revealing two shocked brown eyes. It only took a second for his reflexes to kick in, throwing her off, and reaching for his gun. Nyx jumped away, righting herself gracefully as she landed. Moving fast, she swung her leg out at the gun, kicking it behind her. As she moved, she veered her arm around, slicing the knife across his neck as he stood up. He hissed in agony, and grabbed at the open cut. It wasn’t a deep slice, but enough to bleed. The guard staggered forwards, reaching out for Nyx with flailing arms. Breathing heavily, she slowly stepped back, watching as he stumbled to the floor, trying desperately to reach for the communicator hanging from his belt. Her eyes stared nervously as he clasped it...and then fell flat out on the tiled floor.

Man is she tough! Well ladies and gentlemen, you've met our heroes and heroines. On Wednesday, October 31 our anthology Once Upon A Twisted Time will be available for purchase!! Can't wait!


*** Be sure to leave your email address in your comment so I can contact the winner! Winner will be drawn Nov 2. Base prize will be $15 Amazon gift card but I reserve the right to add additional prizes during the blog hop.

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