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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Izzy Szyn Cover Reveal Phantasy House

                                                   Smexy and Fabulous Promotions Present

To avoid having to move back home with her parents, Heather White arrives in Los Angeles for the chance to audition for the network show Fantasy House. The prize? 750,000 dollars and a brand new house. 
But Heather somehow ends up at the wrong auditiion and ends up at the adult cable version Phantasy House. In Phantasy House the cash prize is much larger, but there is  a twist.  In Phantasy House the ultimate goal is for a couple to become a triad. 
She meets couple Colton and Sydney McBride. The attraction is immediate. But there are people inside the house that will do whatever they can to win. 
Phantasy House contains FFM, FF, MMFF scenes.


“Take off your shirt and dress pants.” Ordered Alex.
Heather nodded and unbuttoned her shirt and set it on the desk, kicked off her shoes and took off her dress pants. She stood in front of them in her bra and panties. “I was right.” Penelope said as she walked over to Heather and ran a finger down her arm. The movement sent tingles down her spine.
“I see the goose bumps as they rise from your flesh. My touch turns you on. I think that Alex and Liz may be right.” Penelope told her. “The other triads we have cast have had a lot of sexual experience. It would be a novel idea to have someone who is sexually inexperienced and follow her journey to discover her sexuality.”
“Liz will you call Sydney and Colton? They can decide for themselves if Heather is right for them.” Alex asked her.


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