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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Musings from my Phone, Part 2 - Routines

I really shouldn't post from my phone right now because my poor hands are sore, in particular my thumbs, but I'll ignore common sense :)

What is it about routines? Why do we like them so much? Routines make me feel more comfortable. Every morning I meet a friend for breakfast and I have the same thing: maple and brown sugar oatmeal, skim milk, a fruit (strawberries usually) and I get a banana for later. Sometimes the work cafeteria doesn't have something and I'm left floundering to substitute one or more of my routine foods.

If only I had such a routine when it.came to writing! Alas, I don't really but that's another entry.

Routines make me feel calm and in control, but why is that? Am I really in less control of my life because I have to skip something in the morning before work or because I have to drink 2% milk instead of.skim? Probably not, but I still feel uncomfortable at having my routine shaken up.

I used to have a routine for blog work ans it helped keep things straight, so in some cases, routines are quite useful. I just need to find my way back to that one. I guess the trick to everything is moderation. Routines are good, but we have to be flexible. They can help us, but if we become too dependent on them, it can be disconcerting or even debilitating if we have to break our routines. Finding a balance so.that it works for you is key, I think.

Do you have any routines? Do you feel a little lost if you have to deviate from them?

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  1. Just wait until you decide to have a little Lindsay or Ryan...then you will really see upset of routine...Love ya and just do what you need to do...