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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Teaser 7/23/13

Tuesday Teaser from an as yet, untitled WIP!

"Your name is Dante? You're kidding, right?" Laughter bubbled up inside of her.

"Why would I kid about my name?" He asked, brow knitted in puzzlement.

"Dante's Inferno?" At his blank look, Marissa sighed. "You're a dragon, dragons breathe fire... Oh, forget it. It's not funny if I have to explain it."

Her eyes narrowed as his lips twitched, the movement almost imperceptible. "Jerk! You knew exactly what I meant, didn't you?" She accused, her tone filled with indignation and embarrassment.

"Did you really think I'd never her that before, Mari?" He asked and she heard a low rumbling emanate from his chest. Unbidden, her eyes trailed down, following the motion as he shook with barely suppressed laughter. Heat flared within her at the enticing view of chiseled muscles beneath bronzed skin streaked with dirt and a faint sheen of sweat. Mind suddenly blank, she struggled to remember what they'd been talking about.

When Marissa's tongue darted to moisten lips gone dry, Dante's eyes darkened with lust. "See something you like?" He asked, lowering the towel he'd been using to scrub the grime from his body. He advanced toward her, each step the slow, measured pace of a predator stalking its prey. "You'd better be careful, Mari. Don't you kkow that the princess always has to be rescued from the big, bad dragon?'

The warmth of his breath caressed her face, his lips hovering just above hers. Her fingers pitched to trail across his lean torso. She craved the feel of his hard body beneath her hands the way some women craved chocolate.

"In case you hadn't noticed, this isn't a fairy tale and I'm sure as hell no princess." Not giving him a chance to respond, she rose up, claiming his mouth with the hunger of a starving woman.


  1. ty sir may i have another...... more more more chants

  2. Dragons oh my!!
    Sigh...... I'm gonna find a new hubby in this book maybe another alter ego too!!
    Amazing Lindsay AS ALWAYS

    Oh yea I close my eyes and see something I like!!
    Love it and you!!