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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Interview with Nadia Kim + GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello lovelies! I have another wonderful interview with another fantabulous author! Please join me in welcoming Nadia Kim!!

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By the way, a very special thank you to Jennifer Martinez for creating these lovely banners to use on my blog!!

Thank you so much for joining me today, Nadia! Let's dive right in, shall we? When did you know you wanted to be a writer? 

When I was a young child around 10-12 years old.
A part of me truly envies people like you who knew so young that you wanted to be a writer :) What has been the most difficult part about being a writer? 

Promoting and getting my books sold.

That is, without a doubt, one of the biggest struggles for us all. Who are your favorite authors? 

Anne Rice, JR Ward, Deborah Harkness, Poppy Z Brite

I haven't heard of Harkness or Brite so looks like I'll be adding more to my TBR pile lol. What authors inspire you? 

Anne Rice, Amanda Hocking

Anne Rice is a phenomenal author. Are you a plotter or a pantser with your writing? 

Panster for sure.

So am I for the most part :) What type of books do you like to read? 

Paranormal Romance.

That's def my favorite genre! What do you like to do in your free time? 

Write, play with my kids.

That sounds wonderful :) Where is your favorite place to vacation? 


OMG mine too! If I could live there, I totally would. If you were stuck on a desert island and could have only three things, what would they be? 

Food, water and shelter

That's perhaps one of the most practical answers I've ever received :) Why did you choose to write an YA Paranormal romance? 

Well It started out as just paranormal because that’s the kind of stories I love to read, and then because I decided to start out the series with the characters in their teens, it turned into a young adult version.
That's awesome! I started with paranormal romance for the same reason. What has been the most fun about working on your books? 

Creating stories and seeing where they will go.

I love that too. What has been the hardest scene for you to write? 

Sometimes it’s the dialogue. I normally have to go back to it.

Dialog can definitely be tricky at times. Do you have any favorite characters? 

Sidney, because she is special. She’s hurt and insecure and has the most growth potential.

Ooo, sounds very interesting. How did you come up with the premise for Love Cure

In my family many of the women have broken relationships that didn’t work out. I thought, what if there was something more sinister to why they have had such a hard time with men.
I've often wondered the same thing actually lol. Tell us more about Sidney and Joan. How do her insecurities impact her life and put her at risk for losing her identity to a sinister force?

They are a family of witches that have no idea why they have failed relationships. Joan Barnes is the first generation I begin with and she and her granddaughter Sidney in book 1. Joan loved her magic but was ripped from it against her will and forced to live a life without it. She rebelled against this and we end up joining her on a journey of self-discovery as she runs away. Sidney is a hurt, neglected teen. All she wants is what every teen wants. To be loved and have friends and a boyfriend. But most boys aren’t interested in her and the one that is ends up being a total duche bag to her. As she becomes more and more sad, sinking into a depression weird things start to happen. That’s because she has no idea she is a witch. Her mother Alice has been keeping many secrets from her. We will move through her struggles to overcome the usual teenage angst with a twist of the paranormal.
Wow, I'm loving how the plot sounds! Does Love Curse tie in any way to your first novel Reflection

No Reflection was an Urban Fantasy about a young woman, Jessica, who had many insecurities from being teased as a child. She buried these feelings instead of dealing with them and now they are surfacing, threatening to ruin her life.

Ahh, got it. Reflection sounds intriguing as well! What's next for you? 

I have a few projects going on. One is a Vampire novel that after I finish I might shelve for a while. I am working on Love Curse book 2, and myself and my cousin are working on a joint book. It will be a little different for me because it will be a straight romance but I am looking forward to it. Should be fun.
I can't wait to read your books! We are just about out of time but is there anything else you want your readers to know? 

Yes, go out and get your copy of Love Curse today. It’s a fun, fast read and you will enjoy the magical elements.

Thank you again for stopping by, Nadia! It as been a pleasure getting to know you and your work better!

Be sure to leave a comment with your email address for your chance to win an ebook copy of Love Curse!!!

Love Curse...Buy it Now!

Lies, betrayal, magic, death, love, sex

These are themes that make up Love curse. Journey through the lives of three generations of witches who try as they might to find love and have relationships always have it ripped from their grips.

Sidney is a teenager like most, she wants a boyfriend, friends and to have fun. But unlike most, she has an invisible black cloud looming over her head. Sidney falls in love and finds herself broken and wounded when it doesn't work out. Over and over she keeps trying to make it work. She is struggling in school to keep her grades up as a result and home life isn't much better from the contant fighting her parents do. As Sidney falls deeper into a depression, weird things start to happen to her. Magical things. What she doesn't know is her mother is keeping secrets from her. Family secrets that if exposed may rock her to the core.

Joan Barnes is a witch. Magic is her first love. but when she meets someone she struggles with what she wants more. She'll find herself on a journey of self-discovery that will alter the course of her future.

Love Curse book 1 is about three women bound by a curse. All wanting the one thing they can never have. Join the Barnes women as they struggle through life, not knowing why they all continue to have failed relationships.
 Buy it Now:

Reflection...Buy it Now:
Nadia grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC. Her childhood was hard and her teenage years even harder. She faced challenges that molded the person she is today and provided good dramatic material for her novels.

Aside from writing Nadia had one other aspiration, to marry and have children. She is now married with three children. In her spare time she plays with her children, spends time as a family, plays softball and likes to watch movies and TV shows.

Nadia is of mixed heritage, her mother comes from a long maternal line of women who were born and raised in bondage and children of slave owners. Her father was from an aristocratic family in Syria. Both her parents have enriched her life by surrounding her with people of different diversities, religions, ethnic backgrounds.

As a child Nadia spent her time aspiring to be a writer and an actor. She took many acting classes and was part of many plays over the years. She also studied Kung Fu for six years during her teens and was a national champion.

Having spent many time writing short stories most of her life, Nadia finally realized her dream of becoming a published author earlier this year. Her first novel Reflection was inspired by a series of events where she met someone who seemed to live a parallel life to her own.

She recently began to study Kabbalah which has had the biggest positive impact in her life. The changes have led her down a path to happiness. Nadia continues to write and has more stories to come.
Stay tuned
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