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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Defined Rating System!

Hello my lovelies! Now that I'm doing more reviews, I've decided to define an actual rating system. In the past, I kind of went with my gut feeling but I'm going to lay it out for you. Half duckies will be awarded when I can't decide one way or the other between 2 ratings.

This may be tweaked in the future, but for the most part it should give you an idea. If I enjoyed a book, it'll most likely receive at least 3.5 blue duckies.

5 Blue Duckies!
I absolutely loved this book. Any issues were minor. It had great characters and a well developed plot. I'll definitely reread this and I'm dying for more books by this author.

Long story short: I highly recommend this book and author

4 Blue Duckies!
I really enjoyed this book, but there may have been some areas I had problems with. There should be few editing errors, great characters and a good plot. I'll be on the lookout for more by this author.

Long story short: I recommend reading this book

3 Blue Duckies!
This book was ok. There were a few significant issues, but I was able to finish. I wouldn't read this again. I may give this author another try.

Long story short: I may recommend this book.

2 Blue Duckies!
I had serious issues with this book. I finished it, but it was not easy. There are significant plot, structural, or editorial issues that kept pulling me out of the story. I am reluctant to read other work by the author.

Long story short: Would not recommend this book.

1 Blue Ducky!
Due to issues with the book, I couldn't even finish it. 

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