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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A totally random post for once!

Hello my lovelies! A few months ago I had brain block when it came to blogs. I wanted to help my fellow author lovelies and to network, thus began the awesome idea of author interviews! I have loved meeting all of my new friends and my TBR pile is now about a mile long. The original intention of the author interviews was to also give me time to think of my own posts.

Well, about that...umm...yeah. About those ideas I was going to magically come up with. Let's see, in mid-November I unveiled the gorgeous cover for Breaking the Nexus (a huge thank you again to the fantabulous Miranda Stork for designing it!!) and then all of December I was consumed by a massive blog tour that I set up and ran myself. As many of you know, January has been spent battling illness, though I'm very happy to report I think I may have finally kicked illness' ass.

Long story short? I never did come up with tons of brilliant blog topics :( Have no fear though, I'm going to just approach things as I do everything else...with insanity and chaos and lots of fun :)

Let's face it, if I try to have defined topics and organization, it's going to fall apart. I'm not organized whatsoever. Plus, if I were to suddenly have everything thought out and planned, I'm pretty sure a number of you would wonder if I'd been abducted by aliens. Last time I checked, I hadn't been abducted. Pretty sure. Maybe.

What's the point of this post? Well my lovelies, I'm announcing my intention to bring more of myself to my blog instead of being totally focused on others. There will still be plenty of author interviews, some reviews coming up, that blog series called The Trials of an Indie Author, guest posts by other author lovelies, some reader interviews (no I haven't forgotten about the request for those), and of course my blog hops that I love so much.

That's right, you'll start getting some more random posts from me! They could be random, incoherent babbling or telling you about some big changes coming up in my life (believe me, there are TONS coming up). And of course, I will be bringing you snippets and such from my current work in progress, Waking the Phoenix!

So sit back and enjoy the show! If you have any ideas for topics you want me to talk about, questions about myself you'd like answered, random comments, ideas on how I can go even more insane, just give me a shout out in the comments or on Facebook. Hope you all enjoy the changes coming!

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