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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Interview with Bennet Pomerantz!!

Hello my lovelies! I have a special guest on The Lindsay Show today :) Instead of the usual author interview, I have the fantabulous Bennet Pomerantz, reviewer, blog radio host and all around awesome guy!! A few weeks ago, Bennet had me on his show, Anything Goes, so I of course had to interview him and find out more! Let's get to know Bennet, shall we?


Thank you so much for joining me today Bennet! And thank you as well for having me on your blog radio show a couple of weeks ago! It was such a blast :) How did you become involved in reviewing?
Well my first brush with reviewing came at age 11. Eileen Brennan was the head of the synagogue newsletter. Mrs Brennan was also the Hebrew school librarian. I always loved to read. I asked her if I could write something for the newsletter (my first query-well it was an oral query). She said yes. I did a few news articles. She then asked me if I would review a few books in the Hebrew school library.

Little did we know 43 years later, I still review books as well as media productions as a career.. I still enjoy giving my opinion.

Wow, I had no idea you started so young! That's awesome :) What's your favorite part about being a reviewer?
You mean other than the FREE books, DVDs, audiobooks and stuff?

Okay, in all seriousness now, I have an big and informed opinion and I like to express it. I have knowledge and like to showcase it.

I love all genres of media from spoken word, books, to films . I consider myself a reader of books first and foremost. I think any good book reviewer has to be a good reader first. I love the art of spoken words to tape, CD or download...and don't get me started on my over 5000 plus film collection I have in my home.

Good lord that's a lot of films haha! And all that free stuff makes me thing I should start reviewing ;) Who are your favorite authors?
Robert B Parker (Spenser series), Ray Bradbury (Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked This Way Comes), Roald Dahl (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory), Mark Twain (Ton Sawywr), Ed McBain (87th Precinct series) , Stephen King (Carrie, The Green Mile), Graham Greene (The Third Man), John Le Carre (Smiley's People), Bob Kane . Kevin Smith & Paul Dini and other Comic Book authors (Batman-YES the comic books), Max Allen Collins (The Pearl Harbor Murders, The Dick Tracy newspaper strips), Rod Sterling (Requiem for a Heavyweight), Douglas Adams (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Dr Who Shada)..and a million other authors and screen writers I cannot think of now..maybe they will come to me after the interview sees print.

An easier question may have been who isn't a favorite lol. I can totally relate though, there are so many amazing authors out there and I love the diversity of your favorites. What authors inspire you?
James Thurber, EB White, Ray Bradbury, Rod Sterling, Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, Stan Lee, Stephen J Cannell, Roald Dahl, Bruce Coville...all of these talented authors have a way of twisting the tale in their storytelling.... Taking a story/novel/film/etc concept in one way or others making seem fresh and new.

I have to agree that all of those are astounding authors. What type of books do you like to read?

There is an old joke my family said. "Bennet would read anything he would get his hands on including Cereal boxes." And it's very true. If I had to narrow my genre selection , it would be to Science Fiction and Mystery.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with reading cereal boxes ;) I read them too hahah. Tell us about writing the forward to Rachel Thompson's book, Broken Pieces. Was there any reason you chose to write the forward?
Rachel gave me a few pieces from her book Broken Pieces. Now you must understand, I love her book the Mancode eExposed. I think that the Mancode is funniest book on the war of sexes ever written. It has wit, charm and humor, Her essays on men are right on the money.

Pieces was a total departure for her. It was 360 that worked so well. Rachel and I had discussed I would like to write forward after she did my blog talk radio talk ANYTHING GOES on August 3th, 2011 with fellow guest .Jeanne Marie Spicuzza . You can hear her talk about Pieces on the ANYTHING GOES archives.

From the many personal emails I have gotten about the book, many thought the forward lead into the book well..and isnt that what a good forward is suppose to do?

I've never read Rachel's work before but now you've got me intrigued. I'll definitely be checking it out! Do you only review books on Amazon or do you review many different types of products?

I review EVERYTHING from Gameboy DS games, books and audio productions, to graphic Novels, music CDs and electronic software on Amazon. I try to filter these reviews into My Piece of the Page column (Books), AUDIOWORLD (spoken word productions) and other places I do freelance reviews .

That has got to be such an awesome job. I'm jealous now lol. Do you have any favorite subjects to review?
Mysteries...Lately more erotica from authors like Cassandre Dayne.

Love Cassandre's work! What do you like to do in your free time?

Cook, Laundry, Watch the food Network shows (like Chopped and Iron Chef America) and Big Bang Theory (Love Sheldon!) , travel when I can, read books and watch DVDs and movies I don't review (usually I end up reviewing them anyway), play Puzzle Hearts and Casino on Facebook (PLEASE No Farmville or other -ville type invites!).

OMG I adore Big Bang Theory! By far one of the best shows I've ever seen. I knew I liked you ;) Where is your favorite place to vacation?
In New York and New Jersey with family that lives up there. I so love to visit them. Love the Bridgewater and surrounding townships area of New Jersey. However I am a writer, I try to work on vacations.

I must admit I half expected you to say some exotic location after you said you enjoy traveling in your free time, but I love that answer. I recently had the pleasure of being on your radio show, Anything Goes. When did you decide that you wanted to start the program?

Well I inherited the program from Ashley Fountainne. I had been co-hosting A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY with Marcia Casper Cook. A friend, Barbara Watkins, asked if I would come on Ashley's show Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman. I co-hosted with Ashley for 4-5 months. Ashley had to take a break from doing the show for personal reasons. I revamped the show to fit me and my personality. It did not change much. I called it ANYTHING GOES, just like the classic song of the same name (or, if you are an Indiana Jones fan, it is the title song from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom). I feel I have made the show my own.

I always wondered why her name was on the show page and the URL lol. Now it makes sense! What has been the most fun about having a radio show?

The most fun is when three to four people have a great conversation going on the show, it's magic! The show, to me, is like a party without alcohol. When the mix of people from different backgrounds, genres, life events, etc. and start to talk in great become a thrill for me. I started to change the show time from an hour to ninety minutes, because I noticed the guests start to cook and talking about 22 minutes into the show, the fun is keeping the show lively. Another fun part is most guests want to come back on the show again and again because they have such a good time. It must mean I must be doing something right!

I have to admit it was a blast to do the show! Tell us about your other ventures with Night Owl, To Be or What, and Audioworld.

"Audioworld" was the beginning of my national columns. I started reviewing spoken word material, which I still do today, weekly in newspapers. I give out the Golden Headsets, which is an industry award in my column.

To Be or What was started in my angry phase of writing. I did not like what was happening in my area over a few issues. I did not to write a letter to the editor to get buried at the bottom of the Washington Post editorial page in the small column at the bottom in four point type. I pitched my OP-ED Column "To Be or What" column to an editor friend, she loved it in 2004. I have been writing it ever since then. The column I think should be sub titled "The mad world according to Bennet."

My Night Owl writers' self help column, A Piece of My Mind, did not start at Night Owl Magazine. It started at Fiction Fix Magazine, which was an online magazine sponsored by Coffeehouse for Writers. It started in 2004 and lasted until 2010. Coffeehouse went out of business as some magazines as well as some online magazines do. Then, lovely publisher Tammie King from Night Owl Reviews allowed my columns to grace her magazine in late 2010. I have been writing MIND ever since at Night Owl. It is worth a look . Night Owl is FREE and online 

I will definitely be checking out those other ventures; I'm positive I'll love them as much as I love your radio show :) I am one of the world's most unorganized people, but you must be organized to keep all of your different ventures straight. How do you do it?
I have three spiral notebooks I keep with me all times. Whether it is a review for Amazon, a To Be or What column , a MOVIES of Your Mind column for Affaire De Couer magazine, or an AUDIOWORLD column. I keep the ideas flowing. I write almost everywhere, the doctor's office, a metro train ride, in line in the supermarket checkout line, etc. I scribble notes everywhere. Ideas come at anytime.

Sometimes an idea hits me at lunch, I have to write it down before I lose it. For example, I was out to lunch with my mother at an Indian restaurant. An idea for a column struck me and I wrote three pages of notes and ideas right on the spot. A week later when I transcribed my notes, I had two different To Be or What columns that came out of those three pages.

I also live on my yellow sticky pads (those pieces of yellow surround my computer). Whether it is an ANYTHING GOES radio show note, a book forward I am writing or an Amazon review, the sides of my computer screen overflows with them.

That method sounds fantabulous. There are so many times I'm out and about and have an idea but nothing to write it on. I'm thinking I should throw a small notebook into my purse to carry with me at all times. What's next for you?
Other than my weekly newspaper columns, monthly columns in Night Owl, bi-monthly in Affaire de Couer Magazine and Truckers USA and the weekly radio show.. ISN'T THAT ENOUGH?

Seriously, the other projects I am working on include a novel in progress entitled the Last Great Ride. I hope to put a piece in the sequel to LOVING HEARTS LIVE FOREVER (MJR Publications LLC), an anthology of those we have lost. I do hope a publisher will publish the first part of my biography entitled "Memoirs of a Part Time Cynic". I am shopping it around again!

LOL you are so busy but it all sounds like loads of fun! Well, I'm sorry to say that we are out of time. Anything else you want my lovelies to know?
I am always open to review anyone's work or project. Just don't expect to send it to me on a Monday and have me review it by the end of the week Friday. Expect me to be honest and open and frank. If I do not like it, IT IS NOT PERSONAL, it is my opinion.

I am always talking to writers, my email is Always enjoy a great discussion, here or on Facebook.

I also tell writers this... It took me almost 30 years of hard work to get here, you have to put in the time and let your writing career does not happen overnight as many find after after their first work is published. Some get very lucky, more power to those.

Thank you again for joining me Bennet! It has been wonderful to get to know you better and I hope you love Breaking the Nexus :)

Meet Bennet!

Bennet Pomerantz has covered the Audio medium for the last 29 years. In his syndicated weekly newspaper column AUDIOWORLD and MOVIES OF YOUR MIND in Affaire De Couer Magazine. This is where he showcases his vast and diverse knowledge of this spoken word medium.

He also has his other weekly newspaper columns A PIECE OF THE PAGE where he reviews books, TO BE OR WHAT which is his OP-ED column where he deals on issues that are important to him. He also writes his monthly internet self-help column for writers, A PIECE OF MY MIND, which appears in the pages of Night Owl Reviews Magazine.

Known as a media critic, his work (fiction and nonfiction) has appeared in such publications as Audio life Magazine, The Paper, Audiobook, Mystery Scene Magazine, Power Star Magazine, Strange New Worlds, Gateways Magazine, Truckers USA, The Writing Life, Washington Entertainment Magazine, Quantum Collectors, The Jewish Week, The Sun Gazette, Ancient Heritage, Map of Austin Poetry, and Hot Corner Magazine. He also has been a top 1000 reviewer for, which he still review all media products.

In memory of his friends who died in the Pentagon and others who perished in the World Trade Center on that fateful day of tragedy-9/11/2001, He co-produced an audio collection from Americana Audio Publishers, entitled "Spirit of The American Voice”, which was released in late 2001. 

In 2011, He was involved in the anthology Loving Hearts Live Forever (MJR LLC). He wrote passionately of the death of his beloved father and its aftermath of his death.

Bennet has been a judge for the Audio Publishers Associations, Audio Awards, NATF (National Audio Theatre Festival ) script writing awards, and the play judging for 2002 Minds Ear Play contest also. He is known for handing out Audioworld’s Golden Headsets annually for the best in Audio material in November.

He is also known for many appearances at Mystery & Science Fiction Conventions and many writers workshops across the country, as well as many appearances in major book stores, churches, libraries, youth groups & centers, and schools involving his positive motivational speaking. His passionate advocacy on the subject of censorship has always sparked people to action. "Books and education should NEVER be censored".

His non- profit group, The Write Stuff, brings writers and authors into schools (including colleges ) and youth groups expounding on the virtues of writing, reading and out of the box creative thinking.

From 2005-2009, he was a regular monthly feature co-host on the Diane Chapman "High Visibility” radio program on KUCI FM. Also he has been a regular media guest on Danny Queens television show " Call Me Poetry " from Bowie State University Television and a media correspondent for the syndicated MCN Media Forum... Currently, within the past year (2011-2012), he co-hosts The Ashley Fountainne show, his own show ANYTHING GOES and does various radio shows with Marsha Casper Cook and V.S. Grenier on Blog Talk radio.

To quote him, “I hate being under-employed…so I’ve got to keep working, so one day, HOPEFULLY, one day, I will get it right!”.

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