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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review of Wynter's Captive by Milly Taiden + GIVEAWAY!!

Hello dear lovelies! Today, I'm reviewing a fantabulously amazing and super sexy book by a very talented and prolific author, Milly Taiden! The wonderful thing about Milly is that not only does she write great stories that are super hot, she writes them often :) You'll have plenty to read with her books!

Now, today is a very special day for Milly. Today's the release day of her latest novella, Wynter's Captive!! To celebrate, there will be fun, games, and prizes all this weekend on Facebook so be sure to stop by and join in the fun.

Let's get to the good part shall we?

Review of Wynter's Captive

About the book:
Publisher: Etopia Press
Price: $3.99

Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Description (from
Being held captive for winter never felt so good.
Lili is on her way to her cousin’s wedding when she thinks she hit a man in the road. Leaving the safety of her car to check on him turns out the be a big mistake, and pretty soon Lili is being abducted and held against her will by a super-sexy wolf who her body longs to touch. But just because he’s hot doesn’t mean she’s going to remain a captive.

Cade is not just an alpha, he’s a very wealthy man, used to getting what he wants. So when he attempts to abduct his ex-friend’s fiancĂ©, he doesn’t expect to wind up with the wrong woman. Just how did he wind up with the maid of honor? And why does the woman melt every inch of him? But when she escapes, real danger awaits her beyond his protection. Cade must convince her to see beyond his deception if he has any chance to keep her alive.

What I liked:

Where do I begin? I adore shifter novels (who doesn't?!) and I've always had a soft spot for wolf shifters. Let's face it, I like a strong, dominant, alpha male and luckily for me, so does Milly :D You can always count on her heroes to take no prisoners when it comes to getting what they want. Well, ok so in Wynter's Captive, Cade does take a prisoner...Lili, who becomes his mate. I don't want to give away too much and this is a short book so I won't reveal much of the plot, but I'll tell you that it's super sexy and has an engaging plot. A lot of times erotic romance, especially novellas, severely lack in a storyline, but that's one thing I've always loved about Milly's books. There's more than just sex.

The other thing I love is that she doesn't write physically perfect heroes and heroines. All too often (and yes, I'm guilty of this too), heroines are gorgeous, slender, and flawless. One of my favorite parts was at the beginning when Lili is racing through the forest being chased and thinking how she's going to die because she's out of shape. Seriously, how many of us would have that EXACT same thought running through our head? I know I would. The fact that her characters are so real and genuine makes it that much easier to fall into the story.

What I didn't like:

It had to end :( I need to have a sit down with Milly because her books are too good to end LOL. Let's see if I can talk her into writing longer stories so I can enjoy more of her characters. Wouldn't hurt that a longer book would also mean even more sex that will have you panting and squirming ;)

Overall Verdict: 5/5 Blue Duckies!

If you're looking for a fast, extremely hot book featuring sexy alpha shifters, a woman who is no pushover, and a great story, look no further! Grab your copy of Wynter's Captive and be ready to be immersed in a fantastic world and whirlwind plot. Oh and you may want to have a tall, cold drink on stand by...or a sexy alpha of your own ;)


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  1. Wonderful! I agree her books are way to short! I need more!!

  2. I usually like paranormal.

  3. I read both, but prefer Paranormal.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
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