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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Check out CSI: Creative Scene Investigations by Genevieve Scholl!

My dear lovelies, there's a great blog that you should be sure to check out from my fantabulous friend and fellow author, Genevieve Scholl! Now as you lovelies know, I know a number of authors and have scene a number of blogs. I have to admit that Genevieve's blog has the best name of them all :D She calls it CSI: Creative Scene Investigations. I mean seriously, can you get much more creative?! Let's find out more about her and a special thank you to Eve for letting me steal this info :)

When asked to describe her blog, she says: “The tagline says it all “Creative mind under the microscope.” I blog about anything creative; photographer, writing, movies, TV Shows, Art (new venture that hasn’t started yet), etc. After I became a published writer, it occurred to me that people don’t really know the person behind the writing and I wanted to “dissect” those people that work so hard on the things that we enjoy and get to the root of who they are: Their DNA so to speak.”

In describing herself, she says: ”I am an author, photographer, editor, cover designer, beta-reader, reviewer (books, movies, and restaurants), avid reader of almost all genres, studying paralegal, Slowly becoming multilingual, and looooooooooove food! I love to experiment, create, paint, travel, etc. I love nature (except for bugs). I live in New York State (not the big city, but still), want to travel all over the world, wish to retire in Ireland, was born in Texas. I collect snowglobes, stuffed animals, and celebrity memorabilia. I have an obsession with the Titanic and anything have to do with it (can’t wait until Titanic 2 is finished being built), Abraham Lincoln, and Amelia Earhart. My favorite stand-alone movie is Under the Tuscan Sun, while my favorite series of movies would be Back to the Future. I have a large crush on Michael J. Fox, Nathan Fillion, Matthew Perry, Chaske Spencer, William Peterson, Tom Sellek, Colin Morgan, Kasey Kahne, Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney. My female celebrity crush would be Angie Harmon. I have a little niece, 14 months old, named Emily and I am so very proud of her that I may sometimes just gush and gush about her. I have one older brother, and now a sister-in-law. My family and friends are the most important things to me and I would kill or be killed for them. I am addicted to cream soda, fresh baked bread, asparagus, and bagels. Coffee starts my mornings and hot chocolate usually ends them.”

She recently posted a review on the TV Show Once Upon A Time. I love love love that show! I also liked her review and agreed on what she didn’t like about it.
(Psst: That was Eve saying this–I’ve never seen the show.)
Oh…..and how awesome is it that she shares part of the proceeds from her books to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research ? That is such a blessing. It touches my heart to know that.

Go to her blog and see for yourself! Just in case you missed the link, you can find her blog here: Go check it out for yourself!

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