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Friday, April 12, 2013

Cover Reveal for Tucked In: Lianna by N. Kuhn!!

Hello lovelies! Join me in basking in the awesomesauce cover for Tucked In: Lianna by the fantabulous N. Kuhn!! The cover model's sexy :D

Title: Tucked In: Lianna (The Hollywood Files)
Author: N Kuhn
Publisher: WheelMan Press


Lance Tucker is a force to be reckoned with. Hollywood elite hire him to handle their dirty work. Having spent years in the Special Forces, he has made a name for himself. Tucking In. If your lead actress disappears, he finds her. Got drug problems, death threats, he erases them. Dirty work that would make a grown man cringe, means nothing to Tuck. With his network of contacts, he’s able to keep things on the down low, assuring none of what you need hits the papers. But has Tuck met his match in Lianna Landry?

Lianna, a beauty since childhood, caught Hollywood’s eyes and hearts as a child. Growing up in glittery Hollywood, she did what a lot of child actors do, she fell down a path of destruction and drugs. In and out of trouble and rehab, a movie producer gives her a last chance at redemption. After disappearing, Tuck is sent to find her. But, when Tuck he does, she’s gotten herself in way over both their heads. Can Tuck save Lianna from a certain death or worse at the hands of Akio Hokkaido? Can they fight their attraction long enough to stay alive?

Author Bio:

N Kuhn was born Nicole Kuhn. She raised in a small town, in the middle of nowhere. Small town life is something she cherishes. Having spent her afternoons outside or with a book, she grew up with a love of reading and writing. Her mother and grandmother fully encouraged this in her. Many years later, after a husband and children, she made a promise to her dying grandmother to fulfill her dream of being an author. Her grandmother lived to see Nicole's name in print. This was a turning moment for her. Driven by ambition and a promise made, she has since published her first trilogy (The Mohawk Series) and has signed with WheelMan Press to release an upcoming novella series.

When not writing, Nicole spends her time cuddling up with her daughter or enjoying her husbands company. Encouraging reading in our youth is something Nicole feels strongly about. She reads to her daughter daily and loves to see others do the same. She exists purely on coffee and still enjoys to read as much as she enjoys writing.


Cover Model Shane Keough


“What’s up Tuck? I heard the craziest story this morning man. Blew my mind,” Razor laughs.

“Oh yea, what’s that?” I ask him, though I already know what he’s going to say.

“I hear Akio Hokkaido is pretty pissed off at some white guy with a gun, come into his bar shooting his guys, taking his woman, disrespecting him, and that this chick is Lianna Landry. I also hear, same crazy ass dude took some of Akio’s guys on a car ride, leaving two of his men in the ER from an accident. Then, I hear same said dumbass shoots three of them in the Hilton, killing two. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about this would you?” I can’t help but laughing as he replays everything to me. I hadn’t really stopped to think about it all yet. That does sound crazy.

“Nope, don’t know nothing about that,” I say to him, still laughing. Not looking over to him, I can feel him shifting nervously next to me.

“Why are you fidgeting like a little girl?” I ask him, turning to him, I remove my sunglasses. Pinning him with my icy stare, he shrinks back against the wall. This kid owes me. He got into a scrape with an oil tycoon’s son a few years ago. I had to step in and handle it. The big guy wanted Razor dead. I handled the situation, and saved Razor’s life. He owes me, and knows it.

“Tuck, it was nice knowing you, but you’re a magnet for death right now dude. Akio put a hundred grand on your head, fifty large on the girl. I came because I owe you my life, but now we’re even, because I’m saving yours by telling you to high tail it from town.”

“Raz, LA is my town. Nothing is going to happen to me, and I’m going to make sure nothing happens to the girl too.”

"Dude, is it really Lianna Landry? She used to be on every poster in my room."